Student Learning Networks & Teacher Curriculum Sites

A Complete How-To for Creating Curriculum Sites and Student Portfolios using Google's Tools!
Note: most of the videos on this site will not show up unless you are viewing in Safari or Explorer.  We are working to fix this.

The What
A methodology for creating and organizing online student portfolios and curriculum sharing sites throughout an entire school.  No need to spend money as Google provides everything schools need for free!  Use the resources on this site and learn how to do this yourself!  This system has become so ubiquouts in our school that we've expanded beyond ePortfolios and are now having our students create Student Learning Networks (SLN) that are similar to Professional Learning Networks (PLN) but are for students!

The Why
As educators we have an obligation to teach our students a high quality method of organizing their digital work and ultimately their digital lives.

The How
Familiarize yourself with linking Google Docs with Google Sites and sharing the site with others. Refer to the How To (Tutorials) section of this website.  The very general overview is using Google Sites as an annotated table of contents to your Google Docs and other online projects.
The next step consists of two parts and we recommend implementing both parts, however,  part A or part B work just fine as stand alone units.

Part A: Convince one core-curriculum Department Head to integrate online portfolios into every course in the department.  The best way to roll this out is to begin with a required 9th grade course so in 4 years, every student in the school will be able to demonstrate mastery in using a Student Learning Network to organize online resources and to share and collaborate with others.

Part B: Convince one core-curriculum Department Head to make the transition to online shared curriculum sites with one course.  This model works especially well for developing new courses, but is so useful that the value in transitioning the curriculum from an existing course is quickly apparent.  This system becomes exponentially more valuable if your school uses a common curriculum.

The next step involves rolling these systems out to the staff and students.  Research shows that new methods of technology integration work best when the staff models, in their own professional life, the same processes the students are to use.  Which is one of the reasons we recommend integrating both the Portfolio & Curriculum Site Integration at the same time. 
This process will ensure that every student in the school will have a transferable set of 21st Century skills that can be exploited in every curriculum area.

The handouts and how-to videos on this website will help facilitate
your implementation of this project.  Visit the Help Forum with any questions.  

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