a nyc benefit for milwaukee's



"is this going to be a yearly event?"

that seemed to be the question of the night.

the sky is not falling, the benefit for the skylight opera theatre at st. luke's theatre in new york city, was - if i do say so myself - a pretty stunning evening of entertainment. there was definitely an "old skylight" feel to the venue (st. luke's theatre seats less than 160 people, and there are posts! not blocking any sightlines, but along the side of the seating area) and to the performance.


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 Tari Kelly  

 "He Loved Me Till The All Clear Came"  


Joanne Lessner & Niffer Clarke  

The dueling Mables.  

James Moye and Jennifer Swiderski  

"I am...Aldolpho!"  

Shuler Hensley & Tony Clements  

"Oh What a Beautiful Mornin"  

  (photos by lesly weiner) 

 more photos...


very special thanks to:

Shuler Hensley William Burden Lisa Brescia
Benjamin Howes • Tom Ford • Mark Adamo • Jennifer Swiderski
  Josh Schmidt • Liz Baltes Malkia Stampley • James Moye

Nathaniel StampleyWendy Hill • Branch Woodman
Niffer Clarke • James Valcq • Phyllis Somerville 
Danielle Hermon • Brandon Wood • Tony Clements • Kate McCann

Brett Ryback • Joanne Lessner • Joel Hatch Tari Kelly
Kate WetherheadMichael Deleget • Katie Sina
Richard Carsey •  Carol Chickering Burden • Josh Rosenblum

 Jeff Blumenkrantz • John Kuether • Chase Stoeger • Cindy Knight
Ray Jivoff • and Francesca Zambello