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Welcome to SkyFleet Studio.  This studio is 
manned by volunteers who wish to work on a simple project that could lead to a great programming experience, and maybe even a chance to see a sell-able game.  We study different tools and aspects of video game design and development and aspire to gain the deepest understanding of what goes into a game.

We are not a company but a volunteer effort and we intend to work together primarily online.  SkyFleet is always accepting new recruits, both experienced and green, so if you are a modeler, programmer, scripter, level designer, music composer, artist, story writer, or whatever, do no hesitate to contact us and ask to volunteer.  You can contact us by using the methods below in the Contact Us section.  Contributions in the form of 3D models, textures, opinions, coding tips, and anything else are greatly appreciated.  All authors and contributors, both internal and external with the project, will be proudly recognized for their work.

SkyFleet Studio is currently focusing on utilizing the Unity3D 4 Engine.

All positions open:

  • Programmers/Scripters/Coders
  • 3D Modelers/Animators
  • Concept/Texture/Map Artists
  • Foley/Sound FX Artists
  • Music Composers
  • Game Designers
  • Story Writers [not so much, but why not?]
  • Anyone else who would like to contribute in any way.

Contact us:

Contact me (Isaiah) at iuxeayor@gmail.com.

Visit our group at:  https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups&hl=en#!forum/skyfleetstudio.


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