Florida Art

The Art of Award-winning Florida Artist Michael Faulkner

The Florida Collection

The "Florida Collection" is a series of drawings in mixed media, of sites around Florida and of New Orleans, Louisiana that we enjoy today. Several of these sites and locations are very familiar to both tourists and residents alike, and some have iconic relevance. These drawings are being made available in very limited edition prints in various sizes. Each one is hand-crafted, numbered and signed by the artist. As they become available, they will be announced here, with details about each.

HD Video: The Art of Michael

This slightly over 5 minute video shows a lot of my Florida and New Orleans art, and some of my independent art works in HD (high definition) video. It is in mp4 format, which can be viewed in most recent TVs, streaming boxes, recent Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, AppleTV, iPod Touch) and most other recent mobile devices and computers. If you have questions about any of the artwork shown in the video, or on this site, please feel free to contact me!

All images on this page, in the video, the video itself, and the artwork represented, are Copyright © 2014-2015 by V. Michael Faulkner. All Rights Reserved.

Florida Note Cards

Note Cards - These Artist Note Cards are museum quality small versions of the larger art prints. They are limited-editions, printed on expensive 6 x 9 inch, 140lb water color art paper made from 100% acid-free, cold-pressed cotton, and printed with +100 year-stable color inks. Each plastic-wrapped package includes the artist card (each card is serial numbered, titled and signed by the artist) and a mailing envelope, and are very collectable, and suitable for framing!

These are limited edition prints, limited to just a small number of each card, and no more will be printed! Each one carries the card's serial number.

Cards are Currently Available at: Suntan Art Gallery, in The Craftsman Shop

The Pier

"The Pier"
Tropical Flame

"Tropical Flame"
John's Pass
"John's Pass"
Yankee Dreams
"Yankee Dreams"
The Don CeSar
"The Don CeSar"
The Hurricane
"The Hurricane"
Beach Morning
"Beach Morning"
Rental Hut
"Rental Hut"
Keys Back Porch
"Keys Back Porch"
Bahia Honda Marina
"Bahia Honda Marina"
Unconditional Surrender
"Unconditional Surrender"
Raven Moon
"Raven Moon"
Afternoon Delight
"Afternoon  Delight"
Ghost in the Machine
  "Ghost in the Machine"

All images on this page and the artwork represented, are Copyright © 2014-2015 by V. Michael Faulkner. All Rights Reserved.