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Atri Knowledge Embedded Infrastructure Lab.(Pvt.) Ltd.,  United House 5-9-101/3 Public Garden Rd. Hyderabad 500001

B. Rajaram


Doc: Atrilab/SkybusHyb/25th Jan 2007


Dear Shri Rajasekhara Reddy Garu,


                Sub: FDI of Rs 2000 cr to AP State for India's Skybus Standard Gauge Rail Metro from Malaysia

                Ref; Our meeting on 20th Jan 2007


On return from Indian Railway Service of Engineers, to Hyderabad, as Former MD Konkan Railway and inventor of Skybus technology for urban transport, I had the honour of meeting your excellency in April 2005 along with highly placed Malaysian technology cum funding company, offering gift of our country's and world's first affordable improved high speed mass rail metro namely Skybus free , with full funding from Malaysia.

I am grateful  for the encouragement received, and letter was issued by the Government, to prepare Detailed project report covering traffic,technical and economic aspects for the 22 km route Uppal to Mehdipatnam road.This letter was issued to Konkan Railway( a PSU) to whom, I as inventor had assigned my patent rights. 

But the funding came from Malaysia, and at no cost to AP Govt I got the DPR prepared.

Meantime policy development for the Skybus certification in the country was awaited, which happened now with GUTS of Govt of India including specifically Skybus to be certifiable under the same act as the new standard gauge metro rail which are being taken up by the state governments. Infact it is only the Skybus system which is the only standard gauge railway constructed and tested for dynamic results and shown to satisfy international norms of safety. Fact is the metros for which state has issued tenders, do not exist in India as standard gauge railway, and still require to go through the tests that Skybus has undergone. For last two years the Skybus is operational in Goa on the test track.

The state when they approached the Ministry of Urban Development, has issued a direction that the State can make rules under Tramway act and commision Skybus with safety certificate under such Tramway act. Now with national level safety commissioner also in postion for Skybus too, the policy constraints are removed.

Skybus will come with International standard safety certification from TUV Germany who agreed to do the needful along with my Laboratory in Hyderabad, which will form the basis for the nominated safety commissioner in India to issue under local law, the safety certificate. I am taking the responsibility for the total delivery and certification of the system and Malaysian parties are takingthe entire financial risk. The state will not allow any public carriage without the certificate in place and are not liable for any financial loss if the BOT operator suffers.

It is a matter of fact that Ministry of Railway is continuing research into Skybus to bring the standard gauge railway based Skybus under Railway Act, perhaps as much for commercial interest. But Ministry of Railway being out of standard gauge metro rail in cities, the same applies to standard gauge Skybus rail too.

Now the Hon'ble Prime Minister of Malaysia has given his country's commitment to fully support the path breaking affordable Skybus to be put up in Hyderabad, in his letter to our Hon'ble Prime Minister, a copy of which is sent AP Government by the PMO/India.

Now that the Malaysian partners of mine have their Govt support, if the state Government issues a formal letter to the Malaysian company and my company, who delivers the technology as the inventor, I will coordinate with Konkan Railway too, for any requirements because of assignment of certain patent rights by me as well as use of test track, to take the matter forward and commission Skybus route within two years along with safety certificate of international repute. Konakn Railway cannot be issued a letter as they will not be equity holders of the SPV.

At my insistence as the inventor, Malaysia has come forward to invest, to make our country the leader.

With no finacial nor safety risks, with no need to break up any built up areas, practically not requiring any prime urban land, with zero viability gap fund, AP state can take credit for leading the world, causing a pradigm shift to urban transport in the century.

But if state cannot, for their own reasons, accept this offer,which is a gift to people of Andhra Pradesh, I may be advised so, as early as possible, so that, without further loss of time the project can take off at a different location, outside the state.



Mr B. Rajaram,

The inventor 

Former MD Konkan Railway Corprn.

Director/ Atri KEI Lab/ Hyderabad 500001