The REAL Silversmith of Orange County!

With over  38 years experience as a silversmith working with clients worldwide, SKUTZ Co. has repaired and restored  just about everything, and of course, no job is too small. About the only thing we don't do is plating, you will find that after a thorough assessment, 99% of  the jobs that come in do NOT need plating, they just require a good clean, repair or polish - without spending  a fortune! 

We work primarily in sterling,
brass, copper, pewter and die-cast metals. Soft soldering, silver soldering, brazing and welding. Blade, brush and ivory replacement, professional polishing and cleaning.  Statuary, heirlooms, collectibles, toys, and sterling jewelry repair. Except for custom work,  turnaround  is usually within a week. Remember,  whatever the problem, SKUTZ Co. will help you solve it -  that's part of our sterling  reputation!

My mentor and Father
Samuel Lee Kutz
1927 - 2004  R.I.P.

From S. Kutz & Sons
Laguna Beach, Ca.
ca. 1978

Bustamante Pegasus Restoration Project -
dented, corroded, missing pieces

SKUTZ silversmith Bustamante Pegasus statue restoration
Welcome to the Grindhouse...

Reconstructing body,
missing pieces fabricated & joined

Just a couple of feet to go!

Restored basket-case Bustamante Pegasus

Art of SKUTZ

Art of SKUTZ

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Art of SKUTZ
From this

Art of SKUTZ To this!  

Garbage Disposal Repair

Costume jewelry repair

Sterling end cap for
 crystal decanter

Flatware Repair & Polish

150 year old Japanese box restored     

Sterling candelabra
repair and polish

Restored iron ca. 1880 

Sterling tea set

French  ca. 1850

repair & polish

Art of SKUTZ
Victorian epergne  before

Art of SKUTZ

Polish & Paint Hubs

SKUTZ polishing silver
Polish Silver, Brass, Copper, Pewter etc.

Disney collectibles repaired

vintage restoration SKUTZCO

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