Skull N' Candy Tattoo

Welcome to A New Year In 2012! Looking forward to lots of new and exciting stuff this year schedule an appointment soon to get in on some good deals.
Skull N' CandyTattoos, is one of the the newest yet leading tattoo shops in San Antonio . Known for their experienced artists and exceptional work, Skull N' Candy is your number 1 location for body art, Whether its your first tattoo, getting an extensive piece of artwork, or just a good ole' touch up. Anyone who walks through our doors, walks out extremely pleased. Give us a call and make an appointment with one of our artists today!  Also feel free to drop the picture of what you want to our email.  All we need is the size, and the color, and we'll have it ready by the time your appointment rolls around.
Phone 210-772-0083 or email 


But wait theres more! What makes us special is we can even come to you.  Yes, thats right you can get inked right in the comfort of your own home. We bring everything to you and guess what, its completely safe.  All you have to do is set up an appointment with one of our artists or check out our calender and see when it will be most convenient for you, and give us a call @ 210-772-0083 or email @