Attn: Health Educators

Good Afternoon,

I hope you had a restful Summer and are off to a great start! I really appreciate your help in getting the Great Body Shop curricula off the ground, and hope that you will continue your support through the year. This year we would really like to work on full implementation of the program so that we will have a true comprehensive health education curriculum at the elementary level.

Here are some things that will be helpful in reaching this goal:

Please remind your teachers to do the pre test for their Great Body Shop level before teaching any lessons. This can be done online for grades 2-5. K-1 can be found in the "Getting Started" section of the Teacher's Edition-usually on page 9. If you have new teachers that need to be entered into the testing system, here is what you can do:

Go to the Great Body Shop Website -
  • Click to get into the website
  • On the left hand side, scroll down to Current Customers
  • Enter the user code then the password
    ( Contact Cheryl Page if you need your User Code & Password )
  • Scroll down under Current Customers again and click on Teachers
  • A list of buildings will come up
  • Add the teachers name

  • At the training last year we got a great handout that walks us through the steps of getting our gradebook class set up. If you need a copy email me and I will fax you a sheet that tells you how to set up the gradebook.

    I would like to order student issues for the Kindergarten classes. Please let me know the name of your school and if you will need English, Spanish or both. If you have already purchased kindergarten issues for your school and do not need them, please let me know that as well. I would like to get these ordered early, so please let me know ASAP.

    There were many questions about the human growth and development unit last year. This year we will have a video available to supplement the fifth grade lesson. These can be checked out from the district media center. The videos that are available are:

    VC5071 Everything You Wanted To Know About Puberty for Girls (Disney) VC3548 Everything You Wanted To Know About Puberty for Boys (Disney)

    Please note that the fourth grade lessons are around hygiene. Because our school board has adopted this curricula, it is important to teach it as intended and not include the fourth grade students in the 5th grade human growth and development lesson.

    This is a lot of information all at once!

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and again, thank you for all that you do!


    Cheryl Page
    Prevention Program Associate
    Student Services
    Fax: 503-375-7812

    "Students must be healthy to be educated, And must be educated to be healthy."