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Plato Novo joined Buildwerk

posted Mar 14, 2015, 1:59 AM by Maximillian Merlin
I am very glad to announce, that the designer Plato Novo (%Percent Furniture & Lighting) has joined the Buildwerk Group.

I know Plato for years as a friend and she helped me on several projects like my movie "The Feather". 

Plato is an expierenced Mesh furniture builder with a preference for low land impact items. Texture and materials creation as needed. 

She is Owner of %Percent Furniture & Lighting. Co-owner of Virtual Soho, NYC on the Bembecia sim. 
%Percent carries retro and vintage furnishings. 

Lots of Mid-Century and Industrial era pieces as well as other fun items of associated themes. Located in Virtual Soho, Manhattan, NYC.

%Percent Furniture Store
Platos Store
in Virtual Soho, Manhattan, NYC.