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How to write successful group notices...

posted Feb 22, 2015, 9:10 AM by Maximillian Merlin   [ updated Jun 19, 2018, 1:05 PM ]

I often see group notices that are missing some basic informations or make one of the following mistakes:

  • Using “today, tomorrow” as time.

Your users will miss that event, if they are not logged in at the moment you send the notice.

How do I know what you mean by today? Always include a full date. like Fri, February 22.

  • Using just the Sims name  (like: “in Anarchotopia”)  or a location name (like: “in the red building”) without a SLURL.

Newbs will not TP there or end up at another place maybe.

Here is how to do it correctly:

Think of the 4 Ws:

Where: Put an SLURL here. If it is too long create a TinyURL with

When: Date and SL time of the event. Do not use terms like “Western time or Eastern time” this will confuse the users from other countries. If you are unsure about the SLT you can look it up by looking up the timezone of San Francisco (US) in web.

You can also  use an online meetingplaner like

Who: Who is holding the event (Full name) . This is the only way to give your users a chance to get in contact with a person who knows about the event.

What: What is the event about, does it require any dresscode, preknowledge?

Is it public or only for members ?

Important: Put the 4 Ws always into the notice body

You can repeat these information in an attached notecard, BUT these notes do not open on click when it is an “old” Groupnotices received offline. 

The user has to open the group archive and then he can open the attachment. Most users do not do this and so you lose them. Also sometimes Landmarks that are put inside notecards do not open or are difficult for new residents to open.