Virtual Learning Village

posted Sep 25, 2020, 7:07 PM by Maximillian Merlin   [ updated Sep 25, 2020, 7:10 PM ]

We are  glad to announce the official opening of the Virtual Learning Village.
Virtual Learning Village is a non profit virtual 3D platform created by the global Buildwerk Team and other collaborators.

Virtual Learning Village

This is a private, safe, GDPR-compliant grid built on a lifelong learning model that incorporates knowledge from well-being and brain health research.
Think of Virtual Learning Village as designed like a 3D theme park, dedicated to lifelong learning.
is a project of the Non Profit Organisation Ageless Mind Project (USA)

Everything that you need to know to create virtual things effectively

posted Sep 25, 2020, 6:59 PM by Maximillian Merlin

I made a neutral page where we publish all the previously internal lists of 3D resources from the old WBH project page, because they are helpful. 

The first Robo Soccer Game for Buildables robots released!

posted Apr 1, 2016, 4:03 AM by Maximillian Merlin

Get it here MaxiMe Mainstore
If you buy it in SL, you get in Emilac for free!

Plato Novo joined Buildwerk

posted Mar 14, 2015, 1:59 AM by Maximillian Merlin

I am very glad to announce, that the designer Plato Novo (%Percent Furniture & Lighting) has joined the Buildwerk Group.

I know Plato for years as a friend and she helped me on several projects like my movie "The Feather". 

Plato is an expierenced Mesh furniture builder with a preference for low land impact items. Texture and materials creation as needed. 

She is Owner of %Percent Furniture & Lighting. Co-owner of Virtual Soho, NYC on the Bembecia sim. 
%Percent carries retro and vintage furnishings. 

Lots of Mid-Century and Industrial era pieces as well as other fun items of associated themes. Located in Virtual Soho, Manhattan, NYC.

%Percent Furniture Store
Platos Store
in Virtual Soho, Manhattan, NYC.

Witchdoctors Directors Eye Camera Sharing Hud released

posted Mar 3, 2015, 8:48 AM by Maximillian Merlin

Witchdoctors Directors Eye Camera Sharing Hud released
With this Hud you can see see what other avatars see. 
They do NOT need to wear any attachments!

Difference to analogical freebies: 
Unlimited number of of avatars on sim can be listed! 
Avatars can be in up to 1000 m range!

Usage explained in 7 simple steps:

-Wear the HUD (attaches to Top Left)
-Touch it
-Choose "Select" in the menu (see other picture)
-Select an avatar (Can be in a range 1000 m!)
-This avatar get a a message to allow to track his camera.
-Press "Esc" 2 times on your keyboard to free your camera.
-Your camera will now see what the selected avatar sees.

Note: Because of SL Script Limitations the updating of the camera positions might be laggy and not very smooth.

Menu Options: 
Select = Select an Avatar to request camera sharing 
STOP =Stop Following other camera 
HIDE= Hide the HUD 
SHOW= Show the HUD 
VeryFast=Set the camera following speed to very fast (May be laggy!) 
Fast=Set the camera following speed to Fast 
Medium=Set the camera following speed to Medium 
Slow=Set the camera following speed to Slow 
VerySlow=Set the camera following speed to very slow

Click ---->here to get the HUD

 If you work with a group of camera people get the --->affiliate vendor!

How to write successful group notices...

posted Feb 22, 2015, 9:10 AM by Maximillian Merlin   [ updated Jun 19, 2018, 1:05 PM ]

I often see group notices that are missing some basic informations or make one of the following mistakes:

  • Using “today, tomorrow” as time.

Your users will miss that event, if they are not logged in at the moment you send the notice.

How do I know what you mean by today? Always include a full date. like Fri, February 22.

  • Using just the Sims name  (like: “in Anarchotopia”)  or a location name (like: “in the red building”) without a SLURL.

Newbs will not TP there or end up at another place maybe.

Here is how to do it correctly:

Think of the 4 Ws:

Where: Put an SLURL here. If it is too long create a TinyURL with

When: Date and SL time of the event. Do not use terms like “Western time or Eastern time” this will confuse the users from other countries. If you are unsure about the SLT you can look it up by looking up the timezone of San Francisco (US) in web.

You can also  use an online meetingplaner like

Who: Who is holding the event (Full name) . This is the only way to give your users a chance to get in contact with a person who knows about the event.

What: What is the event about, does it require any dresscode, preknowledge?

Is it public or only for members ?

Important: Put the 4 Ws always into the notice body

You can repeat these information in an attached notecard, BUT these notes do not open on click when it is an “old” Groupnotices received offline. 

The user has to open the group archive and then he can open the attachment. Most users do not do this and so you lose them. Also sometimes Landmarks that are put inside notecards do not open or are difficult for new residents to open.

Interview with Maximillian Merlin at SL Enquirer

posted Feb 21, 2015, 5:39 AM by Maximillian Merlin

Here is an interview that i gave Bimala from SL Enquirer:

MachinimUWA VI Contest "Reflections" Entry Maximillian Merlins "The Feather"

posted Jul 7, 2013, 1:51 AM by Maximillian Merlin   [ updated Jul 17, 2013, 10:55 AM ]

Maybe you would like to watch this
I would like to share my latest Video production with you
MachinimUWA VI Contest "Reflections" Entry Maximillian Merlins "The Feather"
Read more about the contest here:

The Feather

Schubert Moments Musicaux
No.3 In F Minor
No.4 In C Sharp Minor
Restoration by Bob Varney

Sergei Rachmaninoff. Polka for W.R.
Recorded April 4, 1928.
Restoration by Bob Varney

Filmed  in Secondlife
Tropical Bay
The University of Western Australia
UWA,Somerville Auditorium, Reflection Pond
Chicago 1928, Paesolu di Corsica 

Actor In A Box

Thoys Bot

Plato Novo

Custom Buildings:
Maximillian Merlin
Magicfairy Merlin

sensorya Xue

Special thanks to:
Magicfairy Merlin
Plato Novo
Thoys Pan

Magicfairy Merlin
Thoys Pan
Shiva Garaguru
Sampati Singh
Scientific Resident
Maximilianus Magic
Highlighted Resident
Magicfairy Magic
Undetectable Resident
Detectable Resident
AB Althouse
blooper Bing
GeeGee Dagostino
Bowser Bing
Sampati Singh
Maximillian Merlin

Special thanks to:
Magicfairy Merlin
Plato Novo
Thoys Pan

Secondlife 9th Birthday Event

posted Jun 18, 2012, 7:46 AM by Maximillian Merlin

Hello friends,
we are happy to invite you to the SL 9th birthday event starting starting today, Monday, June 18th, 11 AM SLT.
Celebrate with us at the "Buildwerk Subiectum Optica" !
We have prepared a lot of free gifts for you.
Come and take a seat on our observation tower for free gifts and a virtual camera tour.
Love n Light from the Buildwerk Team
Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin


SL s 9. Geburtstag.
Hallo Freunde, wir freuen uns , Euch zum SL9B Event heute einzuladen.
Deie Sims sind am Montag 18. Juni, 11 AM SL-Zeit (20.00 Uhr MEZ) geöffnet.
Kommt vorbei und feiert mit uns den 9. Geburtstag von Second Life.
Nehmt Platz auf einem der Sitze unseres Aussichtsturms und bereist den Sim mit einer virtuellen Kameratour.
Es gibt viele tolle Geschenke !

Love n Light vom Buildwerk Team

Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin

Hallo vrienden,
wij verheugen ons om u uit te nodigen voor de viering van de 9de verjaardag van SL, dat vandaag begint, Maandag, 18 Juni, 11 AM SLT (20:00 GMT+1 Amsterdam tijd)
Vier met ons bij de "Buildwerk Subiectum Optica"!
Wij hebben een groot aantal cadeau's voor u
Neem plaats in een zitting van onze kijktoren voor een virtuale camera tour door de sim heen.
Liefde en Licht van het Buildwerk Team
Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin

Bonjour amis,
je suis heureux de vous inviter au 9ème commencement d'événement d'anniversaire SL commençant aujourd'hui, lundi, le 18 juin, 11h00 SLT.
Faites la fête avec nous "à Buildwerk Subiectum Optica"!
Nous avons préparé beaucoup de primes pour vous.
Venez et prenez une place sur notre tour d'observation pour les cadeaux libres et un tour d'appareil de photo virtuel.
Love n Light  from the Buildwerk Team
Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin

Ciao amici, sono felice di invitarvi all'evento per il  nono compleanno di SL, che inizia oggi Lunedì 18 giugno, 11am SLT. Festeggiate con noi al   "Buildwerk Subiectum Optica" !
Abbiamo preparato molti regali per voi .
Venite e prendete posto nella nostra torre di osservazione, per avere omaggi e fare un tour virtuale.

Love n Light  from the Buildwerk Team
Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin

Hola amigos,
Soy feliz invitarle al comienzo de acontecimiento de cumpleaños SL que comienza hoy, el lunes, 18 de junio, 11AM SLT
I Diviértase con nosotros en "Buildwerk Subiectum Optica"!
Hemos preparado muchos regalos gratis para usted.
Venga y tome un asiento en nuestra torre de observación para regalos libres y un viaje de cámara virtual.
Ame Luz de n del Equipo de Buildwerk
Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin


Olá amigos,
Estou feliz de convidá-lo para o SL 9 eventos de aniversário, começando a partir de hoje, segunda-feira, 18 de junho, 11 pm SLT.
Comemore no "Buildwerk Subiectum Optica"!
Nós preparamos um monte de brindes para você.
Venha e sente-se a nossa torre de observação para brindes e um passeio de câmera virtual.
O amor n luz da equipe Buildwerk
Aria Dragonash, gewittertante Aabye, Magicfairy Merlin, Maximillian Merlin

Actor in a Box coming soon

posted May 26, 2012, 2:33 PM by Maximillian Merlin   [ updated May 28, 2012, 10:40 AM ]

A new Machinima Director Tool for Real time Animation and Camera.  
As a result of a 2 years research on Machinima tools we decided to script this tool.

This is not a toy it is a serious directors tool.

Imagine you can now:

  • Define camera positions for as many cameras as you like
  • Tween smoothly between camera positions or set cameras to that position
  • Move your actors from & to different locations without copying and pasting strange position numbers
  • Arrange your actor groups to a circle or half circle
  • Animate, move or rotate your actors perfectly synchronized with one command
  • Animate, move or rotate a whole actor group
  • Group and ungroup actors during scene plays
  • Set facial emotions for your actors
  • Use any animation you own (Yes even the No transfer ones!)
  • Seat your actors and let them get up again without that funny "stand on seat" bug
  • Replay a whole scene exactly with one click again and again 
  • Set up the whole scene without any Avatar present.  You call your actors to the set when your are ready and just click "go"
  • Works with Bots and "normal" Avatars  - Ready for Thoys Bot (officially supported)
  • Make your cameraman film exactly what YOU want
  • Synchronize the camera positions to what is happening on the set
  • Show and hide stage props synchronized to the scene you play
  • Have a teleprompter for your actors text. Text is parsed directly to the actor

Additionally, you get:
Easily understandable, human readable Machine language
Web User Interface to build the command notecards by a click
NO ( Definitely NO!!!) scripting knowledge needed
The Beta Version will released end of June 2012.
Compatible with the Latest LLViewer(V3*),Phoenix, Firestorm, Catznip, Singularity, Imprudence, Exodus, Dolphin and Nirans 

*Not supported in official Linden Labs viewers prior to version 2.4

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