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Chilli Shan

About Me

In Second Life and virtual worlds since 2007. 
I met great people there over the years. 
We already have created awesome things together. 
There is still so much to explore and so much to create!

I love:
  • The smell of books (who wants e-books?!)
  • Arts
  • Creativity
  • Intelligence
  • People who can see the beauty in everything – like me!

But most of all I love teamwork and all the possibilities we have if we work together!
Let’s do more projects! 

PS: My digital landscaping work only reflects the wonderful world we all live in.


  • Official Buildwerk Landscape Specialist
  • Master Terraformer
  • Expert for the creation of natural environments in virtual worlds
  • Excel Guru (If I can't sort it you don't need it!)
  • Taming Divas (Male & Female & Other)