Skriptarium Developer Core Group

Maximillian Merlin
Simon Illyar
Magicfairy Merlin

Developer Core Group

Aries Belgar
Maximillian Merlin
Simon Illyar
Magicfairy Merlin

Orange22 - the Sim
Ideal for artists, newbies and business people of all types.  Explore and find unique 3D idea Simulators and creativity tools to stimulate individual or group concepts. 
see also here Orange22
Orange22 is created and scripted by Buildwerk & Skriptarium

MetaMix TV
Mixed Reality Television

Non-Commercial Groups

Groups that are supported by us.

This is a group of creators,makers, artists and other creative open minded individuals.
This group provides a network between these people.
See more infos and current projects here
You can be invited to this group by any member, or IM Maximillian Merlin or Magicfairy Merlin or Simon Illyar.

--Prims & Scripts--
Open User Support Group
Suported by
Skriptarium & Buildwerk
Newbies welcome.

Dracut Renneville
Simon Illyar
Maximillian Merlin
Maximillian Merlin

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