Why Use Us!

We provide a wide range of conceptual 3D building & scripting.
Our customers get a one hand product made by people who meet our attitude to quality and price.

For us there is no unimportant customer, we appreciate your feedback, we love your ideas and its fun for us to make them happen.

We provide high quality Inworld designing and programming for Virtual worlds and Open Simulator.

We create our  software  and designs with knowledge,love and dedication for humans who are no programmers.


  • New scripts /Scripted Objects
  • Customization /Modification of scripts
  • Complex Animated Objects
  • Third party programming (HTML, php, MySQL)

Recent Announcements

  • Virtual Learning Village We are  glad to announce the official opening of the Virtual Learning Village.Virtual Learning Village is a non profit virtual 3D platform created by the global Buildwerk Team and ...
    Posted Sep 25, 2020, 7:10 PM by Maximillian Merlin
  • Everything that you need to know to create virtual things effectively I made a neutral page where we publish all the previously internal lists of 3D resources from the old WBH project page, because they are helpful. https://sites.google.com ...
    Posted Sep 25, 2020, 6:59 PM by Maximillian Merlin
  • The first Robo Soccer Game for Buildables robots released! Get it here MaxiMe MainstoreIf you buy it in SL, you get in Emilac for free!
    Posted Apr 1, 2016, 4:03 AM by Maximillian Merlin
  • Plato Novo joined Buildwerk I am very glad to announce, that the designer Plato Novo (%Percent Furniture & Lighting) has joined the Buildwerk Group.I know Plato for years as a friend and she helped ...
    Posted Mar 14, 2015, 1:59 AM by Maximillian Merlin
  • Witchdoctors Directors Eye Camera Sharing Hud released Witchdoctors Directors Eye Camera Sharing Hud releasedWith this Hud you can see see what other avatars see. They do NOT need to wear any attachments!Difference to analogical freebies ...
    Posted Mar 3, 2015, 8:48 AM by Maximillian Merlin
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*Buildwerk and Skriptarium are not official Second Life(TM) brands from Linden Lab. Our Creations  are not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.


"love is our law
truth is our worship
form is our manifestation
conscience and consciousness guide our way
science is our method
peace is our shelter
nature is our companion   
universal order is our attitude
witchcraft is our knowledge
beauty and perfection is our life
love is the law
love under will."


  • Sim Monitoring
  • Area Administration
  • Educational Gadgets
  • Sim Creation
  • Community Solutions
  • Role Play Gaming enhancements

What Makes Us Different

  • Userfiendlyness
  • Patient support
  • Mentoring to maximize your effency using our tools 
  • Modular use of scripts for scaleable solutions