SkovRacing Shift Light

The SkovRacing shift light module aids driving performance by providing a high visibility indication of when to upshift.

It's availible in three versions:

* 4 LED sequential (4x high intensity 5mm LEDs which light up in sequence: Green, Green, Yellow, Red)

* Single LED (1x high intensity 10mm Red LED).

* Single 12V / 1A Output (single 12V/1A output for driving your own bulb, LED, buzzer, relay etc).

For both LED versions the LEDs are free-standing at the end of cables to give the customer the option of mounting them wherever desired. LED holders are provided for mounting in panels/dashboards.

Click here to see video clip of the 4-LED unit installed in the dashboard of a VW Corrado.

How it works:

The unit has three connections to the vehicle; Battery and GND for power, and an engine speed pulse signal for calculating when to light the LEDs. The engine speed pulse signal can be virtually any signal that is based on the engine speed/rotation, i.e. the low-tension side of the ignition coil, crank position sensor output, tacho signal into the instrument cluster, etc...

The unit has a programming button which is used to select the engine speed at which the LED(s) should light up. Subsequently the programming button becomes an on-off switch for the unit if required.

The shift point(s) can be programmed as often as desired.


* Module size only 23x54x38mm

* High Intensity LEDs:

300 mcd for sequential version

1000 mcd for single LED

* Programmable shift point(s).

Each version comes with Control Module, Power/Signal Cable, Programming button, LED loom, and full instructions.


Price: SOLD OUT!

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Sorry, we've sold our stock of these and don't plan to manufacture any more unless there is significant demand.