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World and Community Issues

'Social and Economic Choices - CT and the DRC'  
Screen Shot This lesson was developed for teaching sustainability in design and technology, but works well as a PSHE lesson as well.  It looks at our comsumption choices and how they can have impacts on others around the world.  As a case study it looks at how our demand for mobile phones has knock on affects in the mineral rich Democratic Republic of Congo.


Screen Shot I once wanted to try and explain community in PSHE, and this is what I came up with!  I'm not sure if it was as clear or effective as I'd hope it would be, but you may find it different or wish to modify it'    


Screen Shot This presentation was created after we had a very difficult year with vandalism at Rossmore Community College.  It mainly focuses on the financial consequences of vandalism but also aims to define to students what vandalism is and its effects on others.  You may wish to develop it or modify it to suit your own school.   

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