I think the following links are cool and useful...
Excellent PowerPoint Tutorials. Time to make your own!
Make amazing fun characters like you see in many of my presentations.
15 young people followed over the biggest year of their lives.
Website for the 2007 Simpson's Movie, where you can create you own Simpson's Avatar. Cool!
Drug addiction resources.
Website where you can create your own South Park Avatars. Nice!
Helps explain how access to pornography is affecting young people in Britain today.
Use it on your interactive white board to add time on the end of the lesson
when the buggers are naughty!  Ha ha hahaha!!!
Excellent resource for sex education from the NHS.
Information on alcohol, has a great units calculator.
Everything you ever wanted to know about drugs.
Website for Rossmore Community College, Poole.
Excellent Design and Technology website by the legend that is Mr Woodrow.