I first started making PSHE and Tutor Time PowerPoint presentations while working at 'Rossmore Community College'. At the time all teachers had to teach PSHE an hour each week, and on top of their specialist subjects had little time to develop lessons.  I felt the material we were given, although relevant, was often not going to engage all students and learning styles. After I created the presentations I was able to offer support the rest of the school staff by emailing them with the files.

Using The Presentations
All presentations are free for you to download, modify, share and use in your classrooms.  They are designed to be projected using a digital projector on to a classroom whiteboard, wall or anywhere where the whole class can see.

 The presentations are not designed to simply 'show' the class. You should be able to engage not just the visual learners, but the kinaesthetic and auditory learners too.  It is important as the classroom room teacher that you become familiar with the presentation before you present it and prompt the class where appropriate, stimulating their thoughts, giving them emotional connections and reactions. Try to get the students involved, get them to read text boxes in the presentations etc...

I plan to develop notes for each presentation with objectives and tips for classroom use.  


Currently all PowerPoints are made using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 using Windows XP.  The presentations may vary with your computers set-up.

My name is James Ratcliffe a Design and Technology Teacher at Milton Abbey School in Dorset and live in Poo
le.  I would love to hear any comments, ideas, commissions, feedback or criticisms so please use the Contact page.  Before you do I already know my spelling can be a bit iffy.