What is SkoolFreeUnblock?

SkoolFreeUnblock is a self made Subsidiary of Asbestosstar (Asbestosstar.com).The goal of SkoolFreeUnblock is to make a bunch of free websites on places like Weebly and Google Sites, which are not normally blocked on schools, and provide tools to help you bypass School's and Work's Blocking Technology so you can veiw sites like AIM(To sadly be shut down) and Myspace

If you have a new tool to suggest me to provide, send me an email at


Or Email me to notify me about the latest blocks of our sites.

Our Mirrors

Please Store these in case this mirror gets blocked

Psiphon Download

Psiphon is a portable VPN. It Just Became 10 years old.

Download Psiphon 3 For Windows

Download Psiphon 3 APK For Android

Windows Xp or higher works for sure, it may work on older OS's

Freegate Download

Freegate is a portable VPN which means no setup as well as no admin needed.

FreeGate Download

Windows Xp or higher works for sure, it may work on older OS's

TOR BROWSER Portable Download

Tor Browser is a browser which is suppose to block your IP address and allow you to also view part of the Deep Web And Dark Web. This is suppose to be a portable Tor.

TOR Download (An older Version, Work with Vista and XP and above)