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Missions from the Priest can give you reputation boost for that nation, or clear any hostilities, but you won't get any real reward, except the loot.

1.Guard the church
Priest tells you that some strange characters have been coming recently to church at night and he's afraid that they might be robbers, and asks you to guard it for 3 nights - you must be in church from 0:00 to 6:00 in order to complete the mission. So, no sleeping in the tavern, you must find a way to pass time until the midnight (I usually go drinking in the tavern - unless you pass out one round will move time for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, passing out will move it forward by 4-6 hours I think - or in the Brothel - "action" with one of the girls will forward time by 2 hours, if your lucky and score with the madame another 4 hours will pass and if you decide to treat your sailors I reckon another 6 hours will pass (but I think this one depends on size of the crew), also you can go gambling - one game will forward time for about 15 minutes I think -, another good way of passing the time faster is transferring the cargo from one ship to another if you have 2 ships in convoy). Anyway, just make sure you're in the church by 23:xx minutes, than you can use time compression and wait until midnight. If nothing happens that night around 0:05 you should get black screen (like in those old cool silent movies) saying "And so the night passes..." (or something like that). That means you'll have to repeat everything as you did the day before and on the midnight be back in church. But if at 0:05 robbers appear (usually there are 3 of them), after short chat, kill them, go to ship, rest till morning, speak to priest about "watchman" duties and quest will end.

2.Evil Spirits
The Priest of the local church will sometimes give your character a quest to clear the evil spirits from a nearby cave. To complete the quest, you need to enter the correct cave (check a map of the local area for all caves).
If you have entered the correct cave, your logbook should update when you spawn the skeletons by running into the glowing white light, and you won't be able to leave the cave (so bring plenty of potions and antidotes, stupid poison) until you kill all the skeletons. Once you have slain all of the skeletons, your logbook should again update, and you can return to the priest for your reward.

A note on the caves: Sometimes it is difficult to find the correct cave. For instance, I received the quest in Santa Catalina, which has a cave just outside its' walls in the Jungle. However, the quest cave was actually a different cave, south of San Juan Del Norte beach, towards Porto Bello. This is why I recommend looking at a map of the specific city/island where you got the quest, to make sure you aren't missing any caves.

These 2 are the only I'm aware of, please contact me if there are more.