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Captive Groom/Bride

Captive Groom/Bride of XXX city

You can get this quest in any city. While walking the streets you get approached (or you can go on and talk with each and every person on the street until you find a quest giver) by a male/female character asking you for help. They say that some pirate kidnapped their husband or wife, and they offer you some small amount of piasters for your help - amount gets bigger higher longer you play, not sure what effects it though.

They tell you the name of the captain and the ship. And that they will wait for you in the church until you complete the mission. There's no time limit on this one - for one it took me almost 5 years to find the naughty pirate captain.

Anyway, you'll spot the ship on world map because she'll have red (purple?) sails. Just enter the sea mode when you approach her and board her. In case it has friendly flag and you don't want to ruin your own relationship with that nation (or like it happened to me when I tried to board french ship in my game as a Dutch - lose patent because of it) just wave jolly roger and board it. After you kill the captain, prisoner will approach you, so you'll have to wait a bit with looting the cabin/corpse.

Mission fails only if you sink the ship with prisoner on it.

Note: You can sometimes get tips if that captain was in port from Port Master when asking him about captains that were in port recently - that usually means that ship is somewhere near, even though date Port Master gave you was from several months ago.