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French Quest-Line

(posted by Edie on Pirates Ahoy! forum)

1. Transport Tote Pierre Le Grand to Martinique
Warning: Ignore the mistake stating he's to be transported to Marigot in the game's quest headline. Make sure your fighter slots are full and they have health potions. There's a good chance one may die if your starting out at a relatively low level. Be sure to save before you make for land, if he dies your to blame and it breaks the French Governor General missions (does in my game anyways). If he dies he'll have a million piasters, jewelry and some other expensive stuffs. If you wish to continue with the French quest line he has to live.

After talking to Bertrand D'Ogeron go to the tavern in Tortuga and talk to Tote Pierre, he's alone at the round table usually, dressed in blue and green frenchie outfit.
Sail to Martinique, The Shores of Le Marin.
- Save before going ashore -
Tote Pierre can't take to many shots, he's alright so long as it's only a few combatants, but your people need to take most of the blows. Try to run in front of him so your fighters will be between him and the enemy, when they engage you take out the gunner(s) in the back then aid the others. The gunner generally tries to target Tote Pierre in my game.
Tote Pierre gives you the reward and heads off, you head back to Tortuga, turn in to Bertrand D'Ogeron.

2. From D'Ogeron to Curacao
Warning: Deposit most of your money to the moneylender in Willemstad before visiting Stuvesant.

Take the letter to Willemstad, to Peter Stuyvesant in the residence (Dutch Governor General).
During the conversation with him, he accuses you of being a pirate and thrown into jail, a few dialogues later and some money missing (50% of what you carried), taken by the first guy, they release you.
Off to the tavern you go, there will be two Spainards talking at a table you overhear after interrupting their conversation by talking to them, during the interruption they mention Palm Shore they are to meet their Galleon at.
Follow them, slaughter the two men, then destroy the Galleon they were to meet. I prefer to board the Galleon and capture it, the captain usually has a Tanat heavy weapon 28/100 damage.
Back to Stuyvesant, complete the dialog.
Head to Tortuga to turn in - you recieve praise from D'Ogeron.

3. Shipping Dona Anna to Tortuga
Warning: After completing this quest the waitress in Havana's Tavern will always rat you out when you sneak inside the tavern.
Don't forget to fly the Spanish flag before going to Sea Mode at Havana.

Arrive in Havana under the Spanish flag. Head to the Tavern and talk to the waitress.
She'll agree to give the items to the Commandant's wife, Dona Anna.
Spend a few nights, talk to the waitress again, be sure not to sleep with her, she'll have completed her task.
Wait until after midnight 00:00 game time.
Head to the Commandant's house, when exiting the Tavern make a 45 degree right and you'll be facing a large brick/stone house with columns.
-Save here, difficult fight-
Fight them all off inside, the Commandant sometimes drops a Spanish Curiass.
Upstairs in the only room you'll find Dona Anna, talk to her.
Make your escape to the ship.
Head to Tortuga and turn in to D'Ogeron.

4. A Royal Escort to Guadeloupe
Warning: do not lose the Soleil Royal.

After talking to D'Ogeron you must store your other ships for the time being.
Go to the port Controller and talk to him, he'll assign the Soleil Royal to you.
First thing to note, the Soleil doesn't have a lot of food, you have to supply it, or it won't make it through the journey without a rebellion.
Head to Dominique (Dominica)
-Save here, difficult fight against Heavy Galleons-
Go to sea mode near the island, the Spanish fleet will be there. An alternative I've read to keep the Soleil Royal is to allow it's capture, then recapture it for youself, instating your own captain to control it.
After defeating the Spainards sail to Basse-Terre at Guadeloupe and talk to the Govenor there, Amon Mollet.
Sail to Tortuga and talk with D'Ogeron.

5. The Dona Anna Affair

Dona Anna is in the residential room, same building, door closest to D'Ogeron.
-Save here in case you forgot to throw up the Spanish flag-
Head to Havana - do not investigate in the Tavern for obvious reasons from one of the previous quests.
Look to the left of the port there are two houses the same stucco color. Head to the second house named Ines de Las Sierra's Residence.
Ines will tell you Dona Anna is in mortal danger, that the relatives of the Commandant are out seeking revenge and that they went out into the jungle.
Begin your search for them. The pair can be found at Havana's Lighthouse, they are dressed alike, look alike.
-Save here just in case-
Initiate conversation with them.
Kill them.
Back to Havana and talk to Ines de Las Sierra.
Back to Tortuga to turn in.

6. A Letter for Francois l'Olannais

Head to Guadeloupe, in Basse-Terre search for Olone in his residence.
-Save before entering sea mode-
Arriving at Basse-Terre youre warmly greeted with cannon broadside salute by a lone Spanish Warship. Beat the ship and dock; I chose to capture it.
From the port walk towards the Governor's Residence, turn right before the Governor's Residence. Before the next stair terrace there is a semi run down stucco house on the right named Francois Lolonois' Residence.
Olone offers a raid on Cumana. You can refuse or accept - I chose to accept, unknown what refusing does. You'll have to store your other ship(s).
Be aware to load up on weapons and medicines, he'll use yours instead of his own during the invasion...the bastard. Also I suggest having Allied Troop Landing. This time you don't have to worry about their food and rum.
Sail to Cumana.
-Save on world map-
Engage the fort, invade the fort.
Invade the town, into the Governor's Residence, talk to the Governor and collect 200,000 piasters in one of the rooms, I looted everything that wasn't nailed down.
Talk to Olone, with the dialogue you can either kill him and keep it all or just take your share of 50,000. I chose the smaller share, don't know what happens if you kill Olone and then turn it in.
Off to Tortuga to turn in.

7. Breaking Rock

Head to Santiago, not Havana.(error in quest log in game)
The Inquisition is below the chruch in Santiago. There is an enterance to an underground dungeon behind the stairs leading up to the church's terrace.
-Save here, do not overwrite this save in case Rock dies, Rock's death breaks the quest line-
Talk to Rock the Brazilian first, then slay the guards; absolutely not the opposite or Rock dies instantly - breaking the quest line. Kill all the guards and Inquisition (guys in white robes), leave no witnesses.
Talk to Rock again and make a break for the ship.
Sail to Tortuga and turn it in.
Praise from D'Ogeron and Rock tells you he has nothing on his person of value, but there's an item of value under Martinique, Fort de France. The Dungeon is located next to the store in Fort de France.

(thanks to José) The treasure of Rock is the best armor in game (the gold armor also called the expensive armor), you can find it in the dungeon of Fort de France but it's not in a chest. When you arrive in the dungeon, next to the right wall, close to the entrance, you will see a range of barrels (the first range of barrels to your right). You can make the turn of them and you will find the armor here.

8. The Disposal of Marquis Bonrepaux

Head to Guadeloupe, Basse-Terre
Enter the Residence and talk to the guy on the right, white wig, blue frenchie suit with gold thread etc. Accept the quest with the line about the king needing a loan. I don't know what the other does. Based on the rest of the responses I assume it breaks the quest line?
I traveled to Jamacia first, just in case Morgan wasn't at his Jamaica residence. He was at his Antigua based residence on my game so I sailed there, hoping he hadn't moved. If you are unfamiliar with his residence in Saint John's. There is a dungeon entrance next to his house. Once inside, go through all the dialog with him, I end up paying him 250,000 piasters to stay out of the war.
I then sailed for Trinidad and Tobago, plundering Spanish ships I came across as I went.
Talked to Morris, who sent me to Jamaica, Port Royal, looking for a captain Guay. Ask the barkeep on the tavern about him.
-Save game-
Then head to the tavern's room, more blah blah blah, kill him, loot him (he dropped a Pink crystal skull and Cortelas along with some other junk for me), back to Port of Spain to turn in.
Sail to Barbados talk to Jackman in the residence.
Sail to Basse-Terre, talk to Bonrepaux, then sail to Tortuga to talk to D'Ogeron.

9. Spanish Repulsion in Port-au-Prince
Warning: do not lose the Soleil Royal.

The Soleil Royal is under your command for now, do no lose the ship, head to Port-au-Prince and defend it.
-Save in case you don't make it in time-
Transfer some supplies to the Soleil Royal, forget about trying to buy supplies from La Vega, head directly to Port-au-Prince.
-Save before entering sea mode in case you lose the Soleil Royal-
Defeat the Spanish invasion.
Return to D'Ogeron in Tortuga and turn in.

Repair, dump all but a modest crew and begin gathering war materials, food, weapons, medicine etc for a counter attack.
There was a massive amount of food at Port-au-Prince in my game after sending the Spanish off.

10. Capturing Santo Domingo
Warning: do not lose the Soleil Royal.

Load up on sailors, hopefully by now you have a considerable force to wreck havoc with, I managed to overload a total of 2815 sailors with all the ships, your going to need it, the fort had some 2500 soldiers. "Overkill is just good preparation."
-Save before going to sea mode, do not lose the Soleil Royal-
Storm the fort.
Storm the town.
Talk to the Spanish Governor, capture the town, return to D'Ogeron for reward.

Repair, dump all but a modest crew and begin gathering war materials, food, weapons, medicine etc.

11. Capturing Santa Catalina
Warning: do not lose the Soleil Royal

Repeat of Capturing Santo Domingo only instead it's onward to Santa Catalina.
Sail to Santa Catalina, do not pass go, do not collect 200 piasters.

12. Meeting Marquis Bonrepaux

Meet what's his name at Basse-Terre.
You recieve no reward in the end unless you allowed the Soleil Royal to be captured, then retake it.
Talk to D'Ogeron for your final Title and the ability to take colonies.

No wonder I couldn't find a complete French walk-through.

I raised the pirate flag and stole the Soleil Royal after getting my new title. She took out one of my Ship of the Lines in the process unfortunately. Go through that much trouble, I'm getting something out of it.