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Tenochtitlan Quest

(posted by Bismarck on Pirates Ahoy! forum)

Go to Moskito Shore west of "Lake Texcoco". If you own the game legally, you should have a map of the caribbean.

Meet the Spanish survivor and continue. When reaching the lake, Montezuma will have a chat with you.

In order to disarm the fire trap, you need to find 2 totems (scene before lake Texcoco: in the grass; Portobello outskirts: go left twice and look around) and place them near the dam or you need 1 totem in the water to the left of the dam. This totem is used on the other side of the dam, so use potions to survive the warm welcome.

Later you need to find 10 totems - full list of totems and their locations is on the bottom.

Those 10 totems have to be placed on 10 platforms which can be found inside the 2 Aztec pyramids with the 5 doors. Every single door leads to a room with 3 Aztec warriors and a platform where you can put the totem on.

When all totems are placed correctly, you can enter the Temple of Great Life Force. There you have to fight Aztec warriors untill you reach the end.

There you will find the Jade skull. Take it and Mictlantecuhtli, the god of the dead, appears and challenges you to a duel. Kick his ass! If you defeat him, he allows you to possess the Jade skull and tells you some info about Montezuma.

Then leave.

Montezuma will await you on the dam and wants the skull. Kill him. Take his Maquahuitl weapon and leave.

List of totems and their location (by SouthernBoy):

Before I knew of this quest I had bought three of the totems from merchants, including one of the three used for the bridge, so ANY of the totems may be bought. When I started searching for the ten totems in the listed places, some of them were missing. I figure that when you purchase a particular totem from a merchant, it may disappear from it's hiding spot. Even knowing the locations of the totems they were sometimes hard to spot, so I'll give a little more detail:

Totem 1: Bermuda, Broken washbasin - swim around the ship
This one was very easy to spot, sitting in the middle of the beach after you swim around the ship. - (skoda's note - no need to swimm around the ship, you can go around it near the cliff, there's a small passage between the rocks on the beach and the cliff)

Totem 2: San Juan del Norte beach
I never found this one. There was an earlier post saying that to find it you had to swim around some rocks to find it on a little island, but that is not possible on the "shores of San Juan del Norte". I found the described location to the south at Chirico Lagoon. I swam to the little island, but the totem wasn't there. I must have already bought it.

Totem 3: Marigot cave
This one can be tricky to spot. I found it in the room with four columns. If you stand against the wall with your back to the torches and look right you should see it.

Totem 4: Port of Spain, random merchant
I bought one from a merchant here, first try. However, Jonathan has shown that there is one on the ground behind the church.

Totem 5: Fort-de-France, Dungeon
Go downstairs and find the wooden lift/elevator. The totem is lying on the ground just to the left side of the platform.

Totem 6: Tortuga, random merchant
I also bought a totem here on my first try, but later found another in the location Jonathan described, on the ground by the steps.

Totem 7: Willemstad, residence
This one is on the column to the right of the stairs which lead from entrance to the governor.

Totem 8: Hispaniola, Lighthouse of Santo Domingo
To get to this one you need to climb the stairs almost to the top, walk across a board to a balcony, drop to the balcony below and look on the windowsill.

Totem 9: Santiago, torture chamber under church
I found this one but never actually saw it. It was underneath one of the beds in the bunkroom.

Totem 10: Inca Temple behind Amatrice shore
This one is to the far right of the temple under a big fern, almost against the rock wall.

I spent a while trying to find the bridge totem in the lake. It was to the extreme left, in the shallow water by the boundary rock. The bridge totem in the area just before the Aztec city was the one I had already bought, and it was missing from it's location. The one near Portobello was easier to spot once I turned off the grass in the video options.

(skoda's note - I think it's possible to get all, if not all than most, of them from merchants (either store owners, street merchants or random church/jungle traders)