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Double-Barelled Musket

(posted by Bismarck on Pirates Ahoy! forum)

Go to Port of Spain and enter one of the rooms.

It is on top of wooden stairs.

The inhabitant was a musketeer, but he lost his weapon.

He will join you if you can find it.

The weapon was stolen by a pirate and you get the name "Arrow".

Ask the pirate leader on Bermuda about that pirate.

This pirate and his ship "Arrow" are very shy.

You will eventually encounter him on the map.

It is a ship with unusual sail color (like orange or purple).
When you meet him, board his ship. Kill that bastard and loot his body + containers.

You should find the musket.

Give it to the musketeer in Port of Spain and he joins you as a fighting officer. Beware of friendly fire.