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Killing the Beggars + Lost Ship City Quest

Kill the beggars quest:
(posted by Bismarck on Pirates Ahoy! forum)

Starts: Go to the capital of your nation and look for Oliver Trust (He might look for you). (Tortuga if French, Curacao if Dutch, Port Royal if English or Havana(?) if Spanish)

Oliver Trust offers you 1000000 piasters for killing all the beggars. I reclined his offer and told the beggars about it. (You can accept his offer aswell, and proceed as this walk trough say, though I think you have to visit moneylender in the city you took the quest from Oliver Trust and ask him about deposit).

After talking to 3 different beggars about this strange mission (3 beggars in 3 different cities - at least I think it has to be in 3 different ones), the last one will tell you the name of a beggar you should meet (city where he is is random, so it's different in different games).

Visit this guy and he tells you his ideas.

Go to Willemstad on Curacao and try to break into General-Governor Stuyvesant's chest. It will be locked.

Visit the tavern and talk to the owner, then to the keymaster.

Pay him (he takes a certain percentage of your wealth so store most of it by the moneylender) and sleep 2 days. Visit his house in Willemstad and you will have a chat with 2 soldiers. Get rid of them.

Search for the key in the keymasters house and open the chest in the residence with the key's help.

Show those documents to the "head" beggar you met earlier. He will tell you a story about an island of justice a certain beggar called Teaser Dan has mentioned.

Go to Willemstad and ask the tavern owner and then Stuyvesant about Dan. Go to a pirate town and meet the diplomat.

Demand from him the location of a member of the Dutch Trading Company. He wants to know a name. Throw "Oliver Trust" (I think you have to enter full name, not just "Oliver") at him and then go to Marigo and search for the house where he lives. Have some tea with him + a fencing lesson. Loot him and take the letter on the table. Meet the beggar again and then you can sail to the "Island of Justice". Keep the Diffindur Key in your inventory.

Warning: You will lose your ship, crew, money, officers and items when entering the City of Abandoned Ships.
Buy a shabby ship (War tartane), give your items (except the Diffindur key) to your officers, store your good ships with your officers/items at the port control, give the money to the moneylender and then you can sail to the "Garden Eden" west of Havana and north of a shore the letter mentions without frustration.
When you reach the position, enter sea mode and you are in a storm. Fast travel to the CoAS.

Lost Ships City:
(posted by Bismarck and Thalendorf)

When you enter the city, Mr. Stoker greets you and tells you all about the CoAS.
Afterwards, swim to the Fernando Diffindur. In the middle of the ship is a big crack where you will find a special chest.
Store your money and items in it and then sleep in the tavern till morning.
Go visit Admiral Chad Capper.
Explore the city, greet the inhabitants and then sleep till the next morning.
Talk to the tavern owner and ask about Teaser Dan. He will be excited to hear that he escaped and promises to gain information.
Wait some days and the tavern owner will have a new dialogue option.

Side quests:
Ask for rumours and you will learn that Maxim Taylor has been thrown into prison. Find "Alice Taylor" and offer her your help.
Find Maxim Taylor in the Tartarus and speak with him.
Have a chat with Admiral Capper about Maxim.
Go to the tavern and ask the barmaid about Taylor.
Find Dominic Legro and ask him about Taylor.
Then speak again with Capper and collect your reward from Alice Taylor.

Offer the priest some help and he will order you to collect 400 candles. The simple key can open the chest in the store which contains 400 candles. Take as many as you can wear and give them to the priest.
When he has all candles, you will be awarded with the ability to quick travel around the CoAS.

Dominic Legro will ask you to bring a bottle of wine to his friend, a warden (English Redcoat called Boyle) on the Tartarus.
Organize a bottle of wine and give it to Boyle. He will say something which you should report to Legro. Then you must visit Boyle again to clear things. Collect your reward from Legro.

Keys to find in order to open the chest around CoAS (except the Drester's chest):
3 Simple Keys:
-The Drunk (Taylor) imprisoned quest
-Dominic Legro's Quest about getting some wine to the jail officer
-Lying on the floor of the ship wrecked in two that supports the St.Agustin, you can reach only swimming.

1 Normal Key: -Inside of a chest (small room crowded with clanners) in the St.Gabriel, Casper's Clan base. Short run unarmed, grab the key and ran away to the outside, they're invincible at the beginning, mortals in advance.

2 Complex Keys:
-Life on Esmeralda quest, started by Pedro Hurtado, the guy with some purple details on his clothing.
-On some wood crates in Velasco's deck, Narval's Clan base.

Interior of the Layton Dexter's chest (at least on my game):
*353,002 piasters
*Spanish Rapier (Good LightSword)
*Haudegen (Best MediumSword)
*Tanat (Best HeavySword) (with some luck you can grab 3 or 4 of them around the CoAS)
*3 pistols (Beretta, 2-barreled and 4-barreled)
*2 White Crystal Skulls (Major Stats Improvement Item)
*2 Pink Crystal Skulls (""")
*2 Blue Crystal Skulls (""")
*2 RatGod Totems (No more rats problems on your ship, and one extra for another ship of your fleet, muahaha)
*1 Deluxe Cuirass (Best Protection, 35% damage reduction of any kind and only weights 17Kg)
*Some random Incan Items, some of them very rare... and some with bonuses and penalties

Continuation on COAS Questline:
After 2 days on the CoAS you can continue the conversation with the bartender about Teaser Dan. You show him the letter you find in the Diffindur chest and thinked that Teaser Dan was helped by more people. First option goes for the Carpenter (don?t remember the name). Talk to him and he tells you to meet at the Protector's cabin going separately trying to not attract attention. Go to the Protector's cabin and then he appears with a guard, the scoundrel has talked about that to the guard but, lucky for you, didn't say anything yet to the Admiral... so the best option is to left no clues and kill both of them. Once dispatched both, back to the bartender and talk about the situation. He tells you about charging the incident to one of the clans, the narvals. To do so, you need to go to the Velasco's bow where they storage their things, kill one of them and bring his pendant (or was it a ring?) to the Admiral. When you get the pendant to the Admiral he decides to get rid of the whole Narval clan and you, the finder of the pendant at the murder scene, be the executioner for that... but you won?t be alone, 3 more fighter for the militia will meet you on the Velasco.

Now something to consider... the reward you'll get depends of the survival of the 3 fighters you'll lead on the assault.
*All Killed: Admiral upset and NO reward.
*2 Killed: ??????
*1 Killed: Admiral neutral and 10,000 piasters as reward
*None of them Killed: Admiral impressed and 100,000 piasters as reward
Little trick is to clean the Velasco's deck before doing the erradication of the Narval Clan. Only 1 of the Clam members is invincible, you can enter and run as a mad-parrot walking down to the lower deck, and fight them in the narrowest spot where some boxes are placed. Better to recognize who is the invincible guy doing some recon runs.

Back to the quest again, you enter the Velasco and, if you clean the place before, you only have to kill just one man, the once-upon-a-time invincible guy (not anymore), report to Admiral Casper, collect your reward and talk to the bartender about your success in fixing the situation.

Quest continues after some days passing... so...

After successfully eliminated the Narval Clan on the Velasco the bartender says that he needs time for research.

Wait 2-3 days and then a new dialog-line on the bartender will appear. He says something about something weird happening in his tavern and suggest you yo go to the storage-room of the tavern and put yourself on cover to listen a conversation of Admiral Capper and someone at night. You must wait till midnight (sleeping is good choice, but look to the time, because it time-travels to 23:xx the minutes doesn't change, I had to reload one time because I warped on 23:55 and couldn't get to the storage-room on time) and go to the Storage-room.To cover yourself you must be hide beneath the column on the storage-room. You must be at the column of the storage-room but not facing it, you must be 90° of it, so the column is at your right or left side.... if you don't do this Capper said that he thinks there's someone on the other side of the ceiling (true in fact) and the conversation ends. If you do this right you'll hear the conversation between Admiral Capper and the chief of the Casper Clan, they're together planning to make more money because Capper wants to be Governor at any cost and must spend a lot of money in London to do so... then they talk about your recent acts and about mysterious character "the Mechanic". The conversation ends there. You return to the bartender and talk about what you heard.

After that, he tells you that he'll try to find a person that has been on CoAS more time than him in order to know more about "The Mechanic". New dialog-line on bartender about if he has found out anything... use it until he tells you you're a bit annoying, once the dialog options on that line remains the same rest until morning. Same procedure for 2 days. Now get out on the street and talk to any citizen about gossips and BOOM.. he tells you that the bartender has been found dead on his storage-room. Go to the tavern and talk with the waitress about what she saw and what he spoke with him the night of the murder.

Now you must talk to the Admiral and look for clues, which gives you to find a person that has been more time in CoAS than the bartender and a new-line of dialog for this appears for everyone.

You find something strange with Orelie Bertine (the woman with blue skirt) but is none the good path. Go to the Eva's interior and you find the older french woman is being attacked by 3 guys of the Casper Clan, kill them and he tells you about the Mechanic, his name (don't remember but sounded very dutch) and he was a smart one and was imprisoned in his ship, the St.Gabriel, long ago for the Casper Clan.

You must go to the St.Gabriel and kill any living-form inside, hard task. Once you kill everybody you can go the the upper-deck and enter the quarterdeck when you find him. He tells you that the city will not survive other storm, because all the ships are toed to the only 3 ships that are run aground but are badly damage and one more storm will sink all the other ships and no-one will survive. He tells you about a Corvette that is suitable to sail (The Dog of War, of course) and he can free the ship with a "winch"? but he needs a gear for that that is in the bottom of the sea. To get it back he has an immersion suit that has air for 6 minutes (counter on 400 secs) but first you must talk to the Admiral to tell him he's alive and safe. The Mechanic sells you the "Dog of War" for 1,5 million piasters... and every immersion costs you 30,000 piasters. The gear is random located, look near stones in the borders and, as the "find the gem" missions, turning off the grass helps. You can find some chest down under with about 300K each and some items, one with potions, one with gold and silver, one with rare indian items/totems... you'll find crabs that can poison you, the best is to carry only one kind of potions, the orange-one that cures serious wounds and treat poison, if you unlock the Bartender Storage-room chest there'll be plenty of them and only weights 0.4 each, so is the best option for healing and for having room enough for the things you pick on the chests. The crabs aren't very hard, HEAVY-swing in advance when he's getting close and block and fast attack, if you haveve the critical strike perk at this point with other fencing perks you'll make some decent critics and deal with them easily.

The bottom of the Sea is quite profitable. There are chests with more than 30k piasters and goods to sell. The crabs are just a litle slower than you, so it's not necessary to kill them and loss the precious air time left to get back to the Fenix platform. The best strategy is to make runs without getting out your sword, just go for a chest, take everything fast and go to another chest... with this you can easily pick 2-3 chests per immersion and one of the chests contains Morgan's Rapier, the best Light Sword in the game.

When you found the Rapier and plundered some of the chests, you talk to Hendrik Verdeken (The Mechanic) that all is done in the deeps and you want to set sail the sooner the better. He will tell you that you need to fill your hold with stuff for the trip, like food, medicines, powder, cannonballs... after all you're a captain and must know it, don't ya??

The StoreKeeper will give you Food, Cloth and planks for 40K.

The Priest will give you Medicines in return of the help with the candles quest. (Don't know what happens if you didn't get that quest)

The Madams of some ship will give you ammo, Arno (the girl attending the tables at the tavern) will comment you which one will give you a kind of ammo.
*2 of the Madams will ask you to find someone to carry the ammo to the St.Gabriel (open line in the quest line with the name)
*the other 2 will ask you for items. One will ask you for 10 pieces of salt, the other one will ask you for 10 grapes, 3 whine bottles and one Lute (the Medieval guitar). If you plundered all the chests before and didn't store these goods you have a serious problem... a pair of chest on the deck of the Diffindur will contain the salt and Lute/Mandoline, the one on the deck the salt and the one upstairs one Lute, This chests aren't plundered regularly because of the annoying time swimming again to the Diffindur, so if you don't have this items they could be there.

Asking to the people (male characters) will give you some tips, and for guns and powder you must ask the Admiral. He won't give you anything because he don't like you much after the slaughter you did with the Casper Clan. Search one of the officers of the militia, John Workman, the one with a red jacket and black leather long boots, he'll take the ammo and guns out of the St.Agustin unnoticed if you promised to take him aboard.

In the Boat section of the F2 menu, you can see what is loaded in the ship, so when you have all the cargo needed (cannonballs, grapeshot, chainshots, bombs, powder, food, guns, medicines, sails and planks) you must talk to Hendrik again. He'll tell you need a crew.... smart guy this Mechanic, he should have mentioned before when you were asking people for the cargo. You must find 15 people for your crew, go out the St.Gabriel and ask everybody (not the officer of the militia you asked for the powder and guns).

Everyone that agrees adds a line on the quest log an tell you how many people you need. When you have the 15 crew, go back to the St.Gabriel to set sail.... but Hendrik has been taken on custody by order of the Admiral, so run to the St.Agustin. Right now is a very good moment to take all the items you've been collecting on CoAS, so grab anything you can carry, don't worry if you can carry all the stuff, just take all the weight you?re allowed to and go for the St.Agustin.

On the main deck you'll find John Workman and ask if you hasn't forget your promise, of course you didn't and you ask him to fight on your side inside. When you enter you're alone and the Admiral will run to you, dialog appears with no much options, you must fight the Admiral. Once the dialog ends, John Workman will appear from the door that go upstairs. Fight with Workman and don't let him die. The Admiral is not a very hard task, you and Workman outnumber him and it's easy to deny his attacks with combined attacks between you and Workman.

On the lower deck there are 2 more fighters, this is where Workman can get killed, support him and kill those 2. After killing them Workman will talk to you and you ask him to be your officer and he agrees. When the dialog finished, go the the F2 menu and assign him as a fighter. Then you can access his inventory and give all those items you've collected in this days on CoAS, specially the ones with big penalties like the cursed pearls (15) you could find on the lower deck of the Ceres Smitty.

So give him all you don't need for fighting, only keep the items you usually use for raising stats and health potions, so you have more space (weight) to take more items you collected with you, second run. When you exit the St.Agustin, you're on your own because Workman has headed to the St.Gabriel with the rest of your crew. You must go to the Tartarus to free Hendrik.

Once you enter the Tartarus you must defeat the JailKeeper and his officer and you find Hendrik in one of the cages. He tells you there is no time, the key of the cage is not there, the Admiral took it but you didn't find it in his corpse... too bad, Hendrik will tell you that there's no more time, you are the Captain and you must think in your crew, he's old and there's no hope for him, you feel sorry but there's nothing more you can do. He tell you how to get your ship, you must get to the Diffindur 2nd mast which is linked by the winch to the Dog of War. NOW IS GOOD TIME TO SAVE (even before talking to Hendrik, because the BIG STORM is generated at dialog's end).

When you exit the Tartarus the city has changed a lot... there's no more CoAS, all the city is half submerged and you're swimming in the ocean in a tremendous hurricane storm. This is by far the most difficult moment of the game, swimming to the Diffindur is a very hard task because all the large waves that carry you like a ragdoll. As I've read (and experimented) it's not very good to accelerate time on the storm. When exiting the Tartarus you must turn right and you have to swim to the Diffindur, the one with mast chopped-off (like sawed). When you reach the second mast, the icon to enter will appear, press space and...

CONGRATULATIONS, you have finished the CoAS quest line, you're out in the storm in control of the Wardog, one of the best ships in the game and you've gained a very powerful Quest-Officer, John Workman. Once the timer of the storm passes, you can go to the world map and look for a port to replenish the ship because you're with the minimum crew (44 in my case) needed to sail the Wardog.

Additional notes:
(by Hypercho)

City of Abandoned Ships Quest lines:

Layton Dexter quest:
1. Go to store, ask visitor there about where to find Rojel Haag, then go to him at "Santa Florentina". Speak with him for the quest and go next to "Pluto" and find there Lea Toors (she is in sleeping room, 2n floor). Go to speak with Admiral
2. Go to Tartarus ( 1 way trough "land" and ways trough jumping in water).
2.1 There find the chest and the skeleton at the sea level. Go near the chest and get a new Logbook update.
3. READ FIRST POINT Go to speak with everybody, until u get a log that the admiral lost his key, now u have some limited time to find it before him. If u cant find it in time u loose the quest, if u find it - u gain all u need for your future the game.
Once you get the Admiral?s key, save, exit and restore the backup of the 3 original key models." There are many keys u can find, but u need "Admiral's key", don't be mistaken by others. Maybe i palce laiter map with all possible palces for the key.

Save Alice Taylor's housband:

While speaking with ppl we find out Max Taylor has been imprisioned.
1. Speak with Alice Taylor, go to "Tartarus" and speak with Max Taylor, speak with the chief of the prison. Max Taylor have attacked the admiral...and is still alive smile.gif
2. Go to Alice Taylor again and promise her u save him. Go to Max Taylor now, then go to Admiral, then go to the Tavern and speak with the waitresses, one of them is gonan speak with u about Taylor.
3. She tells u Taylor wasnt alone. Go to store and speak there with Gilles Baru about Taylor, he is gonna confess all. Go to Admiral and speak with him, now go to Alice and tell her your mission is over and receive your skeleton key.

- Alice Taylor is on Ceres ship.
- Max Taylor on Tartarus ship
- Gilles Baru on Esmeralda ship.
- Admiral on San Augustine ship
- Waitress in tavern on Fleuron ship

Rob the store on Esmeralda:

Go to the ship's sleeping rooms, speak with Pedro and he opens teh room. Be prepared for fight against 3 ppl, kill them, robb all, get out, split loot and quest is over.

Find candles:

Or "Steal" candles quest for the priest. U get it from him, then u have to go the store, wait until the merchant is with his back to you and steal it from his chest. U have to do it in 4-5 times, because they are many