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The story of Isabella

(posted on Pirates Ahoy! forum by Lebster)
(*-check the additional notes below)

1.Quest starts after talking with Attilla on Bermuda (do not use fast travel, just keep walking in settlement and you will find
him sooner or later)

2.Go to San Juan, go to Isabella house, speak with her husband, speak with her, go to store, go to church, go to her home.

3.Go to Cumana. In tavern you will find captain of her's brother ship. Speak with him. (I do not remember, maybe you need to talk
to tavern owner first)*

4.Back to San Juan, speak with them. Rest until night. Go to her house, kill those guys(you may use officers). LOOT HER BROTHER's
body. You will need those notes in point 8. Speak with Salvatore. Run from town. (you do not need to kill soldiers in house).*

5. Bermuda, speak with tavern owner about Attillla. He will tell you, that Attilla bought house in the city, its next to tavern. Speak
with your friend.

6. Go to Isabella house and kill everyone inside(I am not sure if you need to do this point, but I made it)* - (Skoda's note - I skipped it and could continue without problems)

7. After two months meet again with Attilla (you have date in your logbook)

8. Save game and go to Portobelo. That was difficult for me, because brig had different name that the one Attila told me.. Anyway
finally I just entered sea near Portobelo and boarded brig.*

9. Go to Portobelo town and in one of houses prepare for battle. There are two guys, take good position to fight one by one, otherwise
the second guy will be attacking you from behind.*

10. Go to Belize, enter one of the houses and speak with Isabella cousin. Exit house, Isabella will speak with you.*

11. Go to Bermuda again, speak with Atilla.

12. Go to Belize, speak with Isabella cousin. Before continuing sell/place in your ships chest all not needed staff, quite good
loot awaits:) Go outside the city, then turn left and turn left. Enter the cave. (It is a cave with a ladder.) Find guy and kill
him. Speak with Isabella and kill Salvatore.*

13. After a month go to San Juan(I was on time, but I do not know, maybe you can be late). Speak with Isabella, sleep until morning,
save before church. When bad guys enter you will need to block way to Isabella, otherwise they will kill her. Try to fight one by one.
After fight speak with Isabella and then speak with Governor. At least! You can go to bed.

14.(WARNING) Isabella will ask you to bring 20000plasters to home each month, I gave her 500000, so I hope I can forget about her for
2 years.. She will also ask you to stop being a pirate. I do not know if she checks it in anyway, cause I have just finished

Additional notes (by Hypercho):

3... When in Cumana if the innkeeper tells u the captain is not in there, just go outside and speak with one guy with cowboy hat, after that the captain will be inside the inn.
4... If u kill the soldiers and whole town is after u, there's a secret passage on the left side of the house, and only 1 soldier in your way to the ship.
6... Yes u must kill all of them, they are there because are hired to kill u. It's part of quest.
8... The brig u must search is "Rapturous", the same name had in my game. (Speaking with innkeeper is not necessary, anyway he just tells he doesn't know about Salvatore, so i think all can miss this step )
9... House is front of Residence.
10... House is front of Residence again, named "Rosita Fernandez House".
12... I sold all items for ~73K gold...and i needed around 120 weight free(so i think is useless to empty your pockets, just have some space for if u miss any of the trinkets). After killing Salvatore u must escort Isabella to her cousin house.
14.U promise to not sink ships anymore and some other things. It's not problem, the first time she is gonna warn u this is your "first warning". Then I sunk 20+ more ships, no penalty at all. U can make presents to her, give her a lot of money, to not have problems...anyway she is cheating u with the governor (but this is not part of the quest or even quest) U can capture the city, not sure what will happen.