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Flying Dutchman (Ship of Souls)

(posted on Pirates Ahoy! forum by Tonni)

1. drink in tavern, ask for tavern stories

2. after few times, you'll get a message, that it was near the port

3. go for it, and you'll get sunk, you lose everything and officers, so buy them tartans and give Trinkets to your officers. Leave tartans/luggers with officers in port control (you can save only 3, i think...so plan this well) - (skoda's note - you keep the items you had on you as far as I remember, you only lose cash; also, do this point twice and something interesting will happen hehehehe)

4. After your "miracle" survival, you're on random island without money and ship, so go to nearest town and work, steal, etc to make some money and buy ship. go collect your crew. (skoda's note - or you could pay smugglers to transport you to destination of choice)

5. go to Amatice shore and way through jungle, past Inca temple, to pearl coast settlement (i think you'll have to have spanish patent, or villagers will runaway), and talk with White Boy - (skoda's note - I think spanish flag is enough)

6.go and collect 666 cursed pearls (have to ask governors of any nation to work for them, hopping you'll get a mission to defend a town from skeletons) - check additional notes below

7. go to White Boy

8.Go to tavern and drink until you get aright answer

9.go to sea, and try to capture it...You'll need a LARGE and STRONG ship and min 400-500 sea dogs soldiers for it

Additional notes (by Handel):

To collect cursed pearls you need between 10th and 20th of the month to go to any governor (besides Panama) and to talk with him. He will say the town is under attack and will send you to help. Get out and run to the port. Skeletons will attack and you will have to kill them together with the city guards. You collect those pearls as you kill the skeletons (no need to loot the bones). After the fight return to the governor to collect the payment for the fight too.
You can do it only once per month per town so you will need 2-3 months to collect all the 666 black pearls.