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Enchanted City

(posted by Bismarck on Pirates Ahoy! forum)

If you enter Caracas, there might be a chance that some people are sieging the tavern. They tell you that a werewolf lurks inside.

When you enter the tavern, go to the tavernkeeper and talk to him about the werewolf. He tells you about a guest.

Go up the stairs and have a chat with the "monster". It turns out that this person comes from Maracaibo, but fled due to a mysterious curse and he asks you to help him lift it.

Go to the priest of Caracas and speak with him about the man and his curse. The priest can't help you if the cursed man does not come to the church himself so go to the tavern.

The man is nowhere to be seen. Ask the tavernkeeper to the whereabouts of the man to find out that the people have burned him to cleansen his soul.

Sail to Maracaibo and ask the tavernkeeper if he knows anything about a curse. He mentions that he hasn't seen any of the fishermen from Des Moines for quite a while.

Des Moines lies behind the Cape of unfullfilled Hope. Go there during the night. (skoda's note - You can visit by day too, eliminate the guard on shore, but nothing will happen later. You will have to come back during the night.) A sentry greets you. Kill him and enter the fishing village. The inhabitants are skeletons. Talk to the leader, Fernando Torres, to learn that a mysterious curse has striked the village. All inhabitants turn into undead during the night.
Where have I heard that story before?

It all began when a brig named "Queen" laid anchor in Des Moines. The pirates had a dispute and since then the curse started. Later came an English woman, Elisabeth Sheppard, who asked about the Queen. She might be the key to solve this mysterious case.

Go look for her in Charlestown. The leftmost house near the sea is her home.

Talk to Miss Sheppard to learn that she had a visit by a skeleton and she thinks that that could have been her sister Danielle.

To lift the curse, you should look for a jade skull of Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of the dead.

Visit Tenochtitlan, the old capital of the Aztec empire. To find the skull, look in the Tenochtitlan quest walk-through.

When you are the new owner of the jade skull, go to Miss Sheppard. She will tell you to look for the brig "Queen". Eventually, you will meet this ship on the map.
In order to lift the curse, you have to board this ship and you must take the skull to the captain's cabin.

There Danielle Sheppard awaits you. She will fight you. When you defeat her, she will surrender and you tell her that Elisabeth sent you. The curse has been lifted and Danielle wants to join your crew as a female officer.

Go to Des Moines to collect your reward. Grab the money or refuse it to gain some reputation points.