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Blue Bird

(Posted by Bismarck on Pirates Ahoy! forum)

Talk to a store owner about business (random store owner - usually first one you talk with about business) and he will tell you that a nasty pirate and his very fast ship, the Blue bird, are plundering merchants. They offer you 50000 for sinking that ship.

Go to Bermuda and talk to the store owner about the blue Bird.

Go to the tavern owner and ask him about what he knows. He will direct you to the store owner on Puerto Principe. Go there.

Talk with the merchant on Puerto Principe to learn that Pascal is an evil person with a nice mask.

Go to Bermuda and talk to the Shipyard owner about his dungeon (Don't pay the 20000). Go to the Ruin Shore and enter the cave in the jungle. Go to the dead end behind the white ball. Don't touch it or you will get foul-smelling "company".

The character hears something and waits. You see the crew of the Blue Bird. Leave the cave and go to your ship.
Fight the Blue bird with chain balls to negate its speed bonus and sink or board it.

Possible endings of the quest:

1.You sink the ship, return to store owner that gave you the quest and collect 50000.

2.You board the ship, keep it, and than before talking to store owner leave it at Port Control. You'll collect 50000 and keep the ship, as store owner thinks you sunk it.

3. You keep the ship, and return to store owner with it. He tells you that deal was that you sink it, and since he doesn't trust you because he thinks that you will use it as pirate vessel, so he doesn't pay you anything - and quest remains active. After that you'll have to go around the churches and ask the people "what new" and etc. If you're lucky, they will tell you about a merchant ship near the port. You have to sink it or board it - it doesn't matter. You can do that as many times as you wish. After you get bored, go to the shop owner and ask him about your money. At the end of your conversation you'll have 200 000 more and the quest is finished.