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Austin Quest

(posted on Pirates Ahoy! forum by bismarck)

Austin quest detailed walk through:

This quest is not that hard but to be useful it must be taken very early. You get some money which are priceless in the beginning of the game and you get the best medium weapon. But at lvl 15 the money are already nothing and the weapon is quite common in the treasures. At the same time you can easily receive the quest even at lvl 1 and get killed no matter how many times you reload if you don't know what to do.

So following those steps will allow you to make it relatively quickly. Of course you must know how to fight. The enemies there are rather strong and you will be dead in one hit if you let them strike you.

So the idea behind the quest is there is an organization which lures captains in secluded places, kills and robs them. You must find and kill the leader of the organization. This includes two stages:

Starts: You're approached by one of the killers (in the cities later mentioned) that tell you to follow them to the cave/dungeon.

Stage one:
1. Two fights with the first two of the killers
2. Talk with the third killer
3. Three fights with the last three killers
The killers are on the streets of Cartagena, Santa Catalina, Panama (all 3 on Spanish Main), Marigo (St.Martin), Saint John (Antigua) and Fort de France(Martinique).

Just walk the streets during daytime and they will talk to you. But they are not the same neither the places where you fight them are the same. Three of the fighters are single and three have bodyguard. The worst fight - almost impossible to be won at low level is in Fort De France. So leave this killer for your third encounter - then you will only talk with him and will miss the hardest fight.

The killers in Cartagena, Marigo and Saint John are single. They can be killed even at lvl 1 (providing you know how to fight). So meet ONLY two of them - on your choice. Then meet the Fort de France guy and talk to him and after then go to meet the last single killer and leave Santa Catalina and Panama for the last fights. You will fight against 2 enemies but there are bottlenecks so you can kill them one by one.

- you must go to the caves/dungeons BEFORE midnight or the quest will be waived
- after you talk to the 3rd guy do not tell the others you know about their organization or the quest will be waived
BTW - four of the fights are in the caves outside the towns (abandoned mine "cave" for Panama) and Saint John and Fort de France are in real dungeons beneath the towns (the entrances are trapdoors in the grass).

Stage two:
1. Fight with skeletons in a cave
2. Fight with the leader
3. Fight with the skeletons in a cave on the way back.

To fight the leader you must get his whereabouts from the last killer and must embark at San Juan del Norte, go through a cave with skeletons, kill him in a house in the pearl divers village go back through the cave with the skeletons again. Actually the fight with the leader is easy - at least not harder then the fight with the first killer (still you may need to reload couple of times because the leader almost always use pistols and at captain level his pistol make big boom).

Much more dangerous are the skeletons. Even if you have fighters with you they probably will be killed (we are talking about the low levels). So the best strategy is to run for your life and exit the cave with as less fight as possible. The other strategy is to bring fighters - cannon fodders and to run away until the fighters are engaging the skeletons. If you exit the cave quickly you may even save them too.