Ahoy mateys!

I decided to put up a site for Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships with mostly quest guides and walk-troughs because I couldn't find one. On web you can find only couple of good walkthrough's and on Pirates Ahoy! forum they are scattered all over the place, so it takes a lot of patience to find an answer you need (unless you're lucky).

Anyway, quest are split in 3 categories - Important quests, National Quest-lines (including pirate quest-line) and Random Quests (randomly generated quest that you can get while talking to people/governors/store keepers/moneylenders/prisoners).

It's still work in the progress, and if you have any info that's missing or corrections please send email to: skodarap@gmail.com or contact me trough pm on Pirates Ahoy! forum (user-name is skodarap).

Many thanks to community at Pirates Ahoy! forum that came up with most of the walkthrough's and Gagarin for the cheat codes...without you guys this wouldn't be possible, not yet anyway.

  (Last updated on 5th September 2011)