Accessible Motorsport

Silverstone Trackday

There are currently very few motorsports organisations or track day experiences available to people with disabilities in the UK. The reason for this is mostly due to lack of understanding, cost and safety, is this really fare? Why should people with disabilities be excluded from experiencing the same adventures as people without disabilities?


ST Motorsports Ltd, Diverse HR Solutions Ltd and Melltune have joined together to remove as many barriers from motor racing as possible to provide people with disabilities the same opportunities for track days to people without a disability.


Motor Racing can provide an exhilarating experience and a rush that is hard to match

, especially for someone with a disability, for example a wheelchair user. Currently there are a handful of racing drivers in the UK with a disability, also two of which are paraplegics, and the most recent driver to gain their race licence would be Nick Hamilton, the brother of F1 champion Lewis Hamilton . However it has been an uphill struggle to get their racing licences as racing regulations are even tougher for someone with a disability due to the safety aspect.


Diverse HR Solutions, ST Motorsport and Meltune have joined together to start to remove barriers from motor racing to provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to enjoy anything from a one off track day in a race car right through to helping them get their full racing licence. We even offer our services to charities, the most recent being Keech Hospice Care, where we hosted a track day for them at Silverstone GP circuit and managed to give some of their clients passenger rides around the full GP circuit in a car that we had specially adapted. This was a once in a lifetime experience for them.


Diverse HR Solutions has immense knowledge on accessibility and is working in consultation with disabled people to identify and remove as many barriers as possible. ST Motorsport and Melltune have extensive experience within motor racing having managed various race teams as well as teaching students how to run a car before, during and after a race – all the bits that no one gets to see!


This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved as this has never been achieved to this level in the UK. But more importantly gives people with disabilities an equal opportunity at having an experience of a life time filled with fun and excitement!


We have just purchased a road going Volvo S60 T5 Geartronic which has now been converted to a full on track/race car with full hand controls. It is with this car we will be able to move the project forward and enable us to get drivers with disabilities out on the track driving the car. We launched the project with our first track day at Castle Combe on the 8th july 2011 which was a huge success. Visit our facebook page st motorsport ltd for further information and pictures of the car build.


In addition ST Motorsports Ltd and Meltune has extensive knowledge and experience of Volvo from both from a road car and race car perspective. Various team members have experience in running a fully race prepared Volvo S60 race team at a professional competition level and standard to strict rules and regulations.


We are proud to be supported by, Auto Mobility Concepts, Gridkings, Corbeau, Luke, Lifeline, Kalmar Union, event foto and Roll Centre who have all provided parts and services to help get this project off the ground.
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