Welcome to Sung Kuk Lee's

Synthetic Biology & Metabolic Engineering Lab

My research interests are the metabolic pathway engineering and the development of recombinant DNA tools to modify existing, or to introduce entirely new metabolic pathways and regulatory systems within cells in order to improve their capacity for overproduction of desired molecules (biofuels, drugs, chemicals).

Specific research areas include:

  • Biofuels production
  • Gene discovery
  • Protein engineering
  • Development of gene expression systems
  • Metabolic pathway regulation
  • Metabolic pathway optimization using functional genomics
  • Synthetic biology (ref. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 )
  • Development of biosensors

Department/School Affiliation at UNIST

  • School of Energy & Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering (ECHEN)
  • School of Life Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering (SLS)


- Molecular Biotechnology (Presentation topics)

- Current Topic of Synthetic Biology (Presentation topics)


  • 신광수 박사 (2018) - CJ 연구소
  • 김창희 석사 (2018) - (주)노루홀딩스 바이오연구소
  • 정상규 박사 - 홍익대학교 교수임용
  • 최배영 - 제14회 LG생명공학 경시대회 동상 수상
  • 2013 한국미생물생명공학회 40주년 국제학술대회 (Korean Microbiology and Biotechnology) 수상 (우수포스터상 (Best Poster Award) : PhD candidate. Vinuselvi Parisutham; 우수구두발표상 (Best Oral Presentation Award) : MS candidate. Ji Won Lim)
  • 2012 이공계우수연구 (Honors Challenging Research) 선정 (김근상, 최배영)
  • 2012 URP 장려상 수상 (김근상, 박용선, 박인복, 송보근)
  • 2012 BBE's Best Paper Award from "Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering" journal , 20 September, 2012
  • Prof. Lee was introduced as one of main authors in the field of synthetic biology (PLos One, in figure 7, April 2012)
  • Silver medal in 2011 iGEM regional competition at Hong Kong, 15-16 October 2011

Synthetic Biology News

  1. 금요일에 과학터치 "인류와 지구를 구할 지능형 인공 생명체"
  2. 인터넷도 합성생물학에 비하면 미미 (2013 년 1월 3일)
  3. 슈퍼 발효 인공미생물 (2015년 7월 2일) [UNIST News Center, VERITAS, 동아사이언스, The Leader, Neophilia Times, 세계일보, 국민일보, 울산제일일보, 연합뉴스, 이투데이, BRIC, HelloDD, KBS NEWS, Chosun Biz, Korea News, 울산신문, 경상일보, 울산매일,YTN 방송 뉴스 ]