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    Team Awards & Wrap-up Party


     All sessions are mandatory unless specifically noted by the coaches.  Athletes must notify the coaches prior to the session for any absences or, if absent from school that day, notify the coach at the next session.

    On-Snow Training Days:
    All on-snow training days are mandatory unless specifically noted by the coaches.  Athletes must notify the coaches as with the dry-land training sessions.  

    Athletes must check-in at the West Village Lodge Summit High meeting area by the time indicated on the schedule.  At times, a meeting may be held before or after the on-snow session.  This is part of training and all athletes are expected to attend unless excused by the coaches.

    On-snow training times will be updated on the calendar by Wednesday prior to the weekend but check back the evening prior in case of changes due to weather.  Last minute changes will also be posted in announcements so sign up for RSS feeds to get updates.  All athletes are expected to help carry gear up to the coarse.

    Race Days:
    All regular races will be on Saturday.  See race day schedule below.  Meet in the Summit meeting area by 8:20 am.  Athletes should be on-snow and in-line by 8:55.  Standard daily schedule is shown below unless weather conditions or other situations prohibit.

    Race Day Schedule

    Race day schedule will follow this as much as possible.  Note that for races on Ed's Garden, the time may shift depending on the opening of the Outback chair.
    1. 8:20 AM  Team members meet 
    2. 8:30 AM  Gatekeeper meeting
    3. 8:55 AM  Racers in lift line.
    4. 9:00 AM  Racers begin course inspection (upon completion of course setting and if ski area lifts are open to racers).
    5. 9:45 AM  Course closed to inspection.
    6. 10:00 AM  Race begins with racers running in the following order unless changed by the jury:
      • Forerunners, Girls Varsity, Girls Varsity II
      • Boys Varsity, Boys Varsity II
    7. 2nd run reset immediately after completion of first run, followed by course inspection.
    8. Appx 60-75 minutes after conclusion of first run, begin 2nd run.
    9. DQ list posted within 15 minutes of end of second run.
    10. Protests due within 15 minutes of posting of DQ list.
    11. Awards