ENHANCED Training Program

From October 2016 to May 2017, the SKIPP Project conducted its first ENHANCED Training Program to facilitate application of knowledge and skills for child and youth injury and violence prevention in Wake County, NC.

Following a team application process, three teams (of 3-5 people) joined ENHANCED to address the following child and youth injury and violence issues: 

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

  • Motor Vehicle Occupant and Pedestrian Safety
  • Suicide/Bullying Prevention

In addition to attending four, 3/4 day in-person sessions, teams: 

  • Participated in regular (e.g., at least monthly) team technical assistance calls with SKIPP staff
  • Participated in additional team calls/meetings planned by the team between in-person sessions.
  • Completed team work in-between in-person sessions and/or team calls.
  • Shared information (e.g., presenting, preparing handout) about your team's work during in-person sessions.
  • Provided feedback to other teams during in-person sessions.

To read a Summary of Participant Feedback provided about the entire 2016-2017 ENHANCED Training Program, please click here.

To read summaries of participant feedback provided about the four in-person sessions for the first 2016-2017 ENHANCED Training Program, click on each hyperlinked date below:

For general information about the ENHANCED Training Program, please read see a program overview and detailed information below. 

The application process for the second ENHANCED Training Program will open in Winter 2018 and the four in-person ENHANCED sessions will occur from Spring to Fall 2018.

For questions or assistance, including ideas for forming a team to participate in ENHANCED, please contact Robert J. Letourneau at 919-966-3920 or Robert_Letourneau@unc.edu.

Program Overview
or a PDF version of the ENHANCED Training Program summary below, click here)

The ENHANCED training program will: 

Use a team-based learning approach:  participants will apply to and work as teams during the program.

Emphasize peer learning:  teams will participate in facilitated exercises to encourage peer learning and networking  across the participating teams, offered in a supportive environment.

Support real-world projects, products, or outcomes:  teams will identify/complete activities designed to address their current work or future efforts.   Each team will identify its program-ending product or outcome.

Offer technical assistance (TA):  teams will receive coaching assistance from SKIPP staff (at, and between, in-person ENHANCED program sessions) to apply learning to the team’s real-world projects.

This is not a traditional ‘workshop style’ learning experience!  ENHANCED provides opportunities for learning during and between four, 5-hour in-person sessions held from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017.  As a result, learning, activities, and materials will be tailored to the needs of teams selected to participate in the program.

Detailed Information

This section provides answers to questions you may have about the ENHANCED training program…

1.     How will ENHANCED help me, my organization, or my Wake County community?

o   It can give you the opportunity develop and receive feedback on a current program and/or new injury/violence prevention project or program idea.

o   It can provide your team assistance in designing a project evaluation. 

o   It can help your team consider how to start and/or maintain a coalition.

o   It can help a team consider opportunities for policy and/or systems change approaches, including advocacy and communication needed to achieve those changes.

o   Above all, it will provide you dedicated time to work with colleagues on your and other teams on a real-world project (i.e., something you are already doing for your job!), which will allow for increased networking, information sharing, and peer learning/feedback about Wake county-wide efforts to prevent child and youth injury and violence! 

2.     What will the ENHANCED training program offer…

o   Free/local learning opportunity for new or existing teams (e.g., coalitions, partnerships, committees, or groups formed explicitly for SKIPP). 

o   Deeper knowledge gain/skill application through facilitated peer learning for real-world projects addressing childhood injury and violence. 

o   Peer learning occurring in multiple supportive formats:  in-person sessions; distance-based (e.g., email, conference calls); and tailored technical assistance (TA) and coaching offered by SKIPP staff to teams between in-person sessions.

o   Structure and tools to keep your team moving forward with this thinking and progress

3.     Who should apply…

o   Existing or New teams of 3-5 people from and/or working in Wake County (first priority).  If possible, teams having at least one member, who participated in the SKIPP CORE series, is preferred.

o   Representatives from organizations that support Wake County, regional, or state-wide childhood injury and violence efforts (will be welcomed on a space-permitting basis).

o   Please contact Robert Letourneau (919-966-3920 or Robert_Letourneau@unc.edu) if you have any questions about forming a team (or if you don’t currently have a team but would like to join one).

4.     How much time will my participation in ENHANCED take…

o   The program will require team member attendance at four, 5-hour in-person sessions between October 2016 – April 2017 (final dates to be selected based on input from teams selected)

o   Teams will be encouraged to participate in regular (e.g., monthly) team technical assistance calls with SKIPP staff (i.e., 4-5 hours over six months).

o   Based on the initiative and goals set by each team, teams are encouraged to schedule and participate in additional team calls/meetings (e.g., to check-in on progress, plan, and/or prepare for updates to be provided at in-person sessions).  The amount of time devoted to these additional team interactions depends on the enthusiasm and  commitment of each team.

5.     What results or outcomes are expected from ENHANCED teams…

o   Each team will work toward developing, implementing, and/or summarizing results for team-identified products or outcomes related to a real-world project. 

o   Team products or outcomes will vary, and could include, but are not limited to: 

Program Planning (e.g., logic models, action plans, timelines)

Injury/Violence Data for assessment and planning purposes (e.g., data collection instruments)

Coalitions (e.g., recruitment plan, mission/vision/operating procedures, facilitation)

Communication  (e.g., message development, audience segmentation strategy)

Advocacy (e.g., stakeholder assessment, identify private requests)

Evaluation Plan for assessing project progress (e.g., indicators, collection instruments)

Sustainability (e.g., project proposal, report writing, manuscript development)

6.     How to apply…

o   One representative from each team must complete an initial application on-line here

o   SKIPP staff will conduct follow-up calls/emails with the team representative who completes the initial application, as needed, to learn more about the team, its focus, and members.

o   A follow-up application survey link will be sent to all team members identified in the initial application.  The follow-up survey will request more detailed information from each team member (e.g., contact Information; titles; relevant training/degrees/ certifications; biographical information).

o   Once all team members have completed the follow-up application, and questions about the team are answered, SKIPP Project staff will notify teams if they are accepted to participate in the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 ENHANCED program.

o   Anticipated team notifications:  mid-August 2016


For additional information, please contact Robert Letourneau at