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Last Updated: 22th Feb - 15:32GMT

Important Note:
Run on startup is partially broken right now, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  Looking into a solution for it.
The program doesn't work at all for some people, trying to isolate the issue.  Might be related to usernames with special characters. (Potential fix in Experimental V3)
Program is undergoing a full recode will hopefully fix majority of issues and also have better error handling

22nd Feb:
Removed some unoptimized code and replaced it with a message instead.

22nd Feb:
Fixed a critical issue where encryption keys were being grabbed wrong when played with certain champions.
Note: if program is ran while in game, it will not record the game you're currently in
V3 isn't forced to be ran as admin and is left to the user to run it as admin if they need to.  Has warning outputs if it does need admin.

21st Feb - Experimental V3:
Test Fix in attempt to fix a critical issue with special characters.

21st Feb:
Added a refresh button.
Added naming scheme to replays.
Replays are now in creation date order.

19th Feb:
Added some "information output" to Experimental V2

19th Feb:
EXPERIMENTAL VERSIONV2: Contains Previous Experimental Build Features
Complete Overhaul of backend, more reliable in gathering keyframes/chunks
Fixed an issue which may of caused a crash
Fixed an issue which may of caused the replay to not start recording.

19th Feb:
EXPERIMENTAL VERSION: No longer dependent on the WMI to get the command line of the running game...... since apparently the WMI Sucks.

15th Feb:
Added error handling to previously added features.

13th Feb:
Now requires admin to run, sorry if you're a user who doesn't need to run it as admin but the amount of spam for issues is unreal when they only had to run it as admin to get it working.
Added a Delete Button.
Double clicking the replay name in the list will bring up a box which allows you to edit the replay name

11th feb:
When Record Spectate is toggled on it will record OP.GG/Lolking Replays when you spectate them - Note this heavily relies on OP.GG/Lolking, so if their replay is broken then it won't work. - Can end up with a thread in an endless loop if the replay is broken on the websites side.

10th feb:
Fixed a bug (Only occurs Patch 5.4 PBE, live servers just hit 5.3)

7th feb:
Fixed a crash when you try play a replay while its still recording.
Added an option to Settings where you can change the port for Replay Playback (Only use this if some other program is using the default port of 8088, this setting doesn't save at present).

Added error handling on broken replays - replays break if the program is closed before they're finished saving or potentially due to a rare bug which I don't know what the issue could be (Issue with the Spectator API Server is the only thing I can think of)

26th/27th Jan:
Fixed for 5.2
Suppressed some issues with recording, Record Games which you spectate is now just marked as WIP and isn't as broken as previous (At least from my tests its been running well)

8th Jan Fix:
Fixed a bug where replays wouldn't play unless they were in the same folder as the replay exe.  (My bad sorry!)

6th Jan Fix:
Changed how it finds League of Legends.exe.
"League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases" should only have 1 version folder however sometimes there are more.  The tool was getting the Oldest rather then the newest.

5th Jan:
POTENTIALLY FIXED - Game Length is sometimes not right and if you go past the end game chunk it makes the game speed up super quick and can't rewind etc.
POTENTIALLY FIXED - Socket Error when ending replay server
POTENTIALLY FIXED - Sometimes it finds 2 Encryption Keys in the Air Client and Stores the wrong one.

The tool automatically searches for "League of Legends.exe", when found it will extract the data needed in order to begin to start recording the replay.  It also extracts information from the Air Client in order to get the Encryption Key for the Replay.
If the game is ran with Admin then the tool needs to be ran as Admin.

The program needs .NET Framework 4.0 to run correctly.

To playback a replay you need to set the Game Path in Settings by locating "lol.launcher.exe".

"Record Spectate" Option will record games you spectate, this option is seriously broken at times.

When you minimize the program it will minimize to tray.

Known Bugs:
Record Spectate times out when attempting to get some of the earlier keyframes/chunks - This will be experimented with and hopefully fixed in the future.
Full Replay not available on load, the replay is currently drip fed to the client every second in order to make sure it loads every chunk/keyframe for the perfect playback.
PVP.Net Turning Black.  No real fix for it at the moment, only occurs when you play back a replay with the AirClient Open/In the background.
Replays Don't start at 00:00 but can be rewinded back to the beginning.

Planned Features:
(Note: This is HALF Implemented - When its fully implemented Replays from 5.2 onwards will be compatible with the suppression which means you could play 5.2 replays on 5.3/5.4 etc whenever it gets implemented)
New patch bugsplat suppression. - Depending on the patch contents normally replays can work over anywhere from 0 to over 15 patches, it just depends what files are added to the game client.

Camera Adjustment software can be found here:

This software is still classed as "In Development" - When its finished, polished etc it will be hosted on  Since its still a development version it may have bugs/missing error handling.

How is this software different versus other replay software?  How we gather the data to get the replay, although the method can potentially not be as reliable (eg getting the encryption key use to sometimes grab the wrong one, no more unreliable bugs have been found yet other then an issue in the actual saving of the replay) as others we don't make any API calls to the Air Client, with zero API calls to the air client this makes Riot happier.  Half of the important information is extracted from League of Legends.exe which is stored in memory, the other half is extracted from the air client which again is stored in memory, other software normally make an API call to get information which is already in memory which is pretty unnecessary.

Replay Software:
Download (Note: Some users have to run it as admin otherwise it won't record, so if its not recording try running as admin):

Experimental V3:

Experimental V2:

WMI Dependent Version (Some users have issues with the WMI) - Some users will have issues with recording etc, its minor, suggest using the latest Experimental V2 version:

Playing Patch 5.2 Replays on Patch 5.3 (APPLIES TO ALL FUTURE PATCHES):
Download links will be added as the patches roll out so hopefully this will be universal until automated support is built into the program.

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