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Skin Downloads - MioMap

Ciberus_v9_RukBar_v5.7 (Minor default settings and radr alert although volume too low currently!)

Ciberus_v9_RukBar_v5.2 (Minicockpit & 2d3d button changes only)




Skin Downloads - iGo 2006+


C710 Unlock and Shell Replacement

  • Download c710auto.zip
  • Download c710cabs.zip
  • Unzip and copy c710auto.zip content to SD card root
  • Unzip and copy c710cabs.zip to sd card under \storage card\install (tag cabs read only)
  • Perform reset (paperclip) - Note that Navigator.lnk will show error but that ok first time...
  • Navigate using cmd.exe (desktop shortcut) to cabs folder and install all of the cabs (use defaults)
  • Copy \storage card\navigator into \my flash disk\programs\navigator (new icons etc)
  • Perform reset (paperclip)
  • Thats it... you should now have a nice new interface...

under construction...