Baked Brie with Almonds and Apricot Preserves~

Recipe adapted from Mary (scratchcook)

Whole Brie (I used a small 8 ounce brie)

Apricot or peach preserves (10-12 ounces for large brie...I used less maybe 4 tablespoons total...I don't think you can mess up by using more or less)

Brown sugar (about 3 tablespoons total for small brie)

Sliced almonds

Carr's Water Crackers 

One day before serving, cut brie in half horizontally with knife or dental floss.  You do not need to remove will help give the brie some structure when heated.  Put the bottom in a deep dish like a pie plate.  Spread the top of the brie with preserves.  Sprinkle with brown sugar then sliced almonds.

Put the top half of the brie over the  bottom half and repeat the process with the preserves, brown sugar and almonds.  Cover with plastic wrap and let marinate overnight.  The cheese and toppings will give off some liquid.

Right before serving, drain off the juices.  You may need to use a paper towel to get all the moisture.  Place in microwave and heat on high about 2 minutes (up to 5 minutes if using a large whole brie).  You want the brie to be soft, not runny. If it needs to be heated some more, use 30 second intervals on high till softened.

Let sit a couple minutes before serving with crackers.