JGDS - Java GDS Library

JGDS2 Java GDS library provides access to fully control vertices when dealing with curved geometries and is ideal for parametrizing CAD patterns. The library also contains a Parts Library composed various static methods that produce complex shapes. This eliminates the need to rewrite methods for simple shapes such as circles, ellipses, tori, etc. We encourage you to contact John (jctreichler@gmail.com) or Rob (rob4542@gmail.com) for any help with the library. Because the library was developed in Java, access to all the standard Java classes for generating graphics (paths, bezier curves, affine transforms, etc) as well as fonts (FontMetrics) are available. Consequently, custom patterns with arbitrary complexity along with incorporation of labels within CAD could be generated with ease.

Contents of the included manual will describe, in great detail, various examples provided within the distributed Java Netbeans project code (simple shapes, curved structures, Bezier curves, various fractals including Sierpinski, fractal trees, nonorthogonal arrays, text, etc). The JGDS2 stream library is distributed in hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty, without even an implied warranty for any particular purpose. Free distribution of the JGDS2 stream library is allowed. Currently, will not provide source code for the JGDS2 stream library (at some point in time the Java source code will be posted as open source).

Click below to download a zip file that contains the JGDS library JAR file, Netbeans project, and a pdf manual.

Click Here To Download Release 2013-0531