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What's Going on in room 322

Parents  Corner 
Quarter # 2

Dear Parents,
Please make sure your child is completing all assignments and turning them in on time.
I have created a Google Classroom where assignments will be posted daily.
Please check with your child to show you the assignments either in their planner or 
on Google Classroom

5:30- 7:00 P.M.(ROOM 322 ONLY )

Come mingle and meet other parents and seventh grade teachers.

Grades- Please check PARENT  PORTAL
All seventh graders have usernames and passwords to monitor their grades.
Check your child's grades daily or weekly.

Email - dondon 
                  drmcspadden @cps .edu

 Math News

Students have math everyday and a good night's rest and an 
nutritious  breakfast can make learning fun and will allow them to  develop a better understanding
of the skills that are taught . 
Math tutoring is provided to all seventh graders during lunch time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Math Websites

Students should also practice IXL 1-2 hours a week.  
IXL  gives students practice in basic math skills.

I Ready
Students are provided with rigorous practice in Math 
which helps  students prepare for Common
Core . (PARCCS).
Students are exposed to individualized instruction to help
them excel in Math. The program identifies their strengths and weaknesses
and practice is assigned based on their needs .        

More Math Websites
Khan Academy      
AAA math          

Math Syllabus Grade 7