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General Practice ~ Personal Service

Skinner Law can help you with whatever legal problem you may have. If we cannot assist you, we will be glad to refer you to someone we know who can help. Call us now at 603.391.5668.
We are a general practice law firm centrally located in downtown Manchester, NH.  Our New Hampshire attorneys can assist you with a free  no obligation and confidential assessment of your case by phone, email, or in person.  We are Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire lawyers practicing Family Law, Criminal Defense, and all manner of Civil Litigation.  We fight for our clients and focus on the following areas:

Consumer Protection
Have you been lied to, cheated, ripped-off, scammed, or harassed? We may be able to help fix the problem and get you cash compensation.  State and Federal Consumer Protection laws often provide that the offending business must pay the successful plaintiff's Attorney's Fees and may provide for statutory damages.  Recently, it has come to light that several mortgage servicers have treated homeowners unfairly, potentially causing foreclosure by unjustly refusing or mishandling loan modification applications.  If you have been treated unfairly and are facing foreclosure, please let us know. LEARN MORE

Civil Rights
All too often citizens are taken advantage of by instutitions and employers simply because they don't know what their rights are.  Similarly, many businesses, schools, and institutions may trample on the rights of the people they serve, not because they are bad, or hold ill-will or malice or towards them, but simply because they don't know any better, or lack the will to do what's right.  You work hard for your paycheck, and you better believe that your employer makes a profit on your labor.  In exchange for the money you make for your employer you earn your pay, but you also have certain rights under State and Federal Law.  As a taxpayer and a citizens of this great County, you also have certain inalienable rights granted to you by the Constitution. Let us help you enforce your rights! LEARN MORE

Family Law
If you've ever been in a Probate and Family courtroom, then you know how emotional and messy this area of the law can get. Unfortunately, statistics show that a higher percentage of litigants are self represented in family court than in any other trial court division. If you are fighting for child custody, visitation, child support, or marital property rights in a divorce- you need a legally trained advocate fighting on your side. LEARN MORE

Whether you are a landlord trying to collect rent owed to you, or a tenant without heat, or running water- you might feel helpless, taken advantage of, and angry.  Don't take the law into your hands, and don't leave money on the table that is rightfully yours.  An Attorney can help you get the money you deserve or the repairs you and your family desperately need. LEARN MORE

Personal Injury
We include more issues under Personal Injury than you might expect.  Maybe you were assaulted by a neighbor or hot-headed motorist, if so, we can assist you in getting compensation for such an injury. In fact, we believe that most "Torts" are covered under the heading of personal injury. After all, when someone unfairly defames your character, steals your possessions, or trespasses on your land- you have been personally injured