I'm pleased to be joining Georgia Business Education Association at their conference in Macon!

September 11-13, 2014
Anderson Conference Center
 5171 Eisenhower Parkway, Macon, GA 31206
Conference Hotel: Holiday Inn Express
4970 Harrison Road, Macon, GA 

My sessions include:

Friday, September 12, 2014            

9-9:50 AM                Boston 1
Be a ShowOff! Marketing FBLA & EPortfolios
You don't have to teach very long to realize that students like to show off their work. This session will talk about the reasons to incorporate electronic portfolios into the curriculum and how this motivates students and impresses parents. Who wouldn't want to see actual, authentic student work instead of just grades that appear on report cards? Learn about easy programs you can use right now-including free online tools and downloads.

10:30-11:20 AM        Boston 1
Making Multimedia Magical
Do you teach a Multimedia class? How about a Multimedia unit? Many teachers struggle with what to cover in such a course, what software to use, and how to deal with limited resources and software in such a varied course. Well, look no further! Attend this session for lots of project ideas for multimedia, free software for Windows computers, and see examples of student projects to get your creative juices flowing. Having a fun Multimedia class can be a big draw to your business department and doesn't have to be full of stress!

12:30-2 PM                Ballroom        Lunch & Learn
KEYNOTE: When They Just Don’t Care About Grades!
We've all experienced student apathy. Some students are afraid to fail, have troubled home lives, experience peer pressure, have realized that they can get by without working hard, or one of the other hundreds of reasons why students don't try in school. How can you get those students motivated to participate, work hard, and enjoy your classes? We will discuss a philosophy change you should consider to help your students--all students--find success.

2:10-3 PM                    Boston 11
Free Tools to Make Teaching Technology Easier 
Ever feel like you are just covered up in papers to grade, lessons to plan, and standards to assess? This session will detail numerous free teacher tools-from freeware to online tools-for making your job easier. Whether you need a quick way to do a formative assessment or help creating useful handouts or tutorials for programs, there's a little something for everyone with two goals-helping students learn and making you look good!