My Videos


Ok party people, these are some of my videos that ive made over that past fre months. I hope you are impressed. Im not much of a movie maker, and come to think of it, neither is Windows Moviemaker, but we do our best. Enjoy!


This is a video I put together to document my struggles on a wakeboard. It also has a section on how my Godfather Jim fishes. Its...unorthodox. One might say, Mick Dundee-esk.

This is a video of pics and clips from winter semester 05-06. Check it out, you might be in it!

Danny Hinton and I are good friends. Good enough friends to be able to smack eachother in the face with a noodle and laugh about it. Over and over again...


Highlights from the Souf T winter, 2006. Gather the kids around....enjoy!


If you dont know about Desire for Men, then you must check this out. Its starting a revolution. Che Guevera would be proud!


Teddy and I doing some sweet Freestyle Walking. Some nice shots of Rexburg too.