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Cancer Sucks 

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Did you know that in the version of Microsoft Word that I use the word “blog” is marked as misspelled. That’s how new the whole concept of blogging is. Oh, “blogging” also has those red zigzags under it. So does zigzag… but anyway I'm getting off topic. The point is that blogs are new to the world and even newer to me. I like doing it though, its kinda like writing in a journal that you actually want people to read. So heres what I'm going to do, I'm going to vent and comment on random things and every time I post a blog ill take a picture of myself so you can see how I look when I vent. It will be like my way of making my blog readable to people who cant read, they can just look at my face and see how I'm feeling. Its like sign language with my face. Its faceguage. That’s got the zigzags too.