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Recruiting talents and sharing excellence across borders

Maastricht | 24 September 2009
During our first seminar we focused on one of the strengths   of the Euregional Life Sciences labour market: the high concentration of excellent educational institutes. On the other hand we know that working with talents that have different backgrounds isn't always  easy. 


To gain some insights in the differences between "cultures"  we invited Juanita Wijnands of Ideas4 to introduce us to the study of culture guru "Geert Hofstede". Here you can download the presentation.

Panel Discussion

After a short networking break, representatives of the different universities presented their answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the added value the institutes offer their students other than an excellent academic education? 
  2. What is the "right education" for Life Science students nowadays? 
We would like to thank the representatives for their valuable input:

  • Prof. Martin Paul, Dean of the faculty Health, Life Science and Medicine. 
  • MSc. Bram Wijlands, Head of Technology Transfer   RWTH Aachen. Download presentation
  • Prof. Piet Stinissen, Director of Biomedical Research Institute, University of Hasselt. Download presentation
  • Prof. Agnès Noël, Biomedical Sciences Department, University of Liège. 
  • Prof. Catherine Sadzot, Life Sciences Department, University of Liège. Download presentation

Download the recommended reading list of Ideas4
Download the article "Intercultural Competencies:
Turning Global Strategy into Tangible Reality"