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Second HR seminar, 23th of February, BioVille Hasselt
Making the difference with
Social Media

About 50 HR responsibles witnessed a 2 hours during introduction of Social Media by Geert Conard, an expert in the topic. Starting from his own experiences and the way he learned how social media could open up opportunities, he took us with hem through the mass of existing media. He explained key features and how to filter information, referred to generation Y and let us find out more about the kind of networker we are.  Of course online networking costs time, but cannot be seen as a seperate activity. It has to be seen as embedded in the larger frame of activities we're doing. It was worth seeing the enthusiam and the optimism of Geert.

After the introduction Michiel Stoffels started his presentation about Vividlinks, the Life Sciences Career Community. He explained the possibility of this brand new "NICHE" website. Not only Vividlinks opens important black boxes of the Euregion life sciences labour market (companies, careers, people). It also gives possibilities to activily boost expand your professional network. 

During the pause everybody had the opportunity to show his best side in a fotoshooting of Celke. After all, a profile picture is crucial to start your networking quest.