Welcome to the Training "They" Forgot or Missed in Grade School

Your job will be to help build what we dream-up and envision for the prosperous  future. What the future has in store for us requires a collaborative effort. 

Over the time span of 40 weeks, you will be SLOWLY trained (with pay*) into a WELL trained and educated set of hands and feet. Those that don't last the 40 weeks will be considered beyond the capabilities of the "granny" method of teaching. The skill set you will develop over the 40 week training period will provide incalculable self-worth you will possess for the rest of your natural life.

Prerequisites:  you must know how to:
  1. read and comprehend what you read (slow and steady wins the race)
  2. write (i.e. clearly communicate an idea in your head into written words on paper/e-document)
  3. do basic math (+, -, x, /)
  4. use the basics of a computer (e.g. mouse, keyboard, printer/scanner, faxing, spreadsheets, text editor, browser(s), Google searching, etc.)
  5. be honest (thieves are those to lazy to "earn" the stuff they want for themselves)
  6. be ambitious
  7. those already employed in a job (full time, part time, casual) are also welcome to ADD this new job (I had 5 part time jobs at the same time, one summer, working for money to attend University.)
If your intentions are to remain like MOST of the population:
  • i.e. the extent of your ambition is to "get by" the next 45 yrs and end up at age 67 or 70 ready to struggle to live off a government's "old age pension and supplement" (a welfare check), a little training CANNOT hurt you
  • and you are satisfied being "broke" all the time, meaning you can barely make it from paycheck to paycheck, a little training CANNOT hurt you
  • working in a "going nowhere" manual labor job for "easy" money to buy cigarettes, drugs and booze, a little training CANNOT hurt you
Over the training period, you will learn:
  • hands on training and skills development (meaning the wax on, wax off method will be used)
  • how to listen to idea(s), process them through your brain and determine how best to (based on your skill set) get them done in the most cost effective, time efficient, and good quality manor possible
  • preparing for what's coming in the near Future
  • help design, plan and build an "IDEA" Factory in the Swan River Valley (NO ... not an IKEA factory)
The 40 week training schedule will function like this:

1 hr - 1st week, 2 hrs - 2nd week, 3 hrs - 3rd week, 4 hrs - 4th week, etc. ... to 40 hrs - 40th week. At this point you will have made it onto the team.

You will gradually build up your knowledge and skill set over the 40 week period to that of a person with a GOOD working knowledge of many things and the skill set to MASTER anything NEW with practice.

Note: (with pay*) - means you will be paid 6 x minimum wage or $61.50 per hour (presently $10.25 per hour in Manitoba, Canada) http://canadaonline.about.com/od/labourstandards/a/minimum-wage-in-canada.htm but you will also be charged $51.25 per hour for training services. Your pay goes up as your proven ability goes up.

Sample: Week 1 - 1 hr training

1950's Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" follow along with his speech in text http://www.18mind.com/mind/the_strangest_secret

On one side of the card, write your goal, whatever it may be.
On the other side, write the words we've quoted from the sermon on the mount.

"Ask, And It Shall Be Given You"
"Seek, And Ye Shall Find"
"Knock, And It Shall Be Opened Unto You"
"For Every One That Asketh Receiveth"
Applying "the Strangest Secret" knowledge ... to Your Life Path

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