Ski Holm


Full Moon, 2001, Oil on Canvas, 52"x 46"

Collection of The Washington County Museum Of Fine Arts

Dogwood, 2002, Oil on Canvas, 36"x 40"

Up began as an exercise in perspective. As with any exercise, what at first seemed like a limitation became a way to gain focus. The possibilities became endless. The idea was to remove the horizon from the composition and thereby take away the reference point that we rely on the most. This was by no means a revolutionary idea but it was a novel approach to my own work.

 Second Floor and The Steeple were derived from an idea that I had about 12 years ago while working on a construction site in Hoboken, NJ.Hoboken, NJ. During a coffee break I was looking out of a second story window at the roof of the building across the street. I was fascinated by the flatness of the two large color fields, sky and building, and how they interacted. I closed one eye to limit my depth perception and to enhance the flatness. The window that I was looking through acted as the edge of the picture plane. By moving around I could change the proportions of blue to red. Although this scene never became a painting, it stuck with me until that day when I was teaching a class in landscape painting in front of my house. I looked up toward the roof and it all     came back.

Trees in Autumn, I, II and III were interesting to paint because they forced me to physically change the way I painted a landscape.  Instead of positioning my canvas level with the subject and moving my head side to side, I had to lower the canvas and lean it slightly away.  Then after placing the easel directly under the subject I had to move my head up and down. I was once again reminded that changing a routine can be a rejuvenating experience.

On rare evenings when the conditions are just right (light fog, bare trees and a full moon) the walk to and from my studio can become an awesome experience. Full Moon.





Nexus Gallery      

February 27 - March 24, 2001


Third Floor, 2002, Oil on Canvas, 50"x 46"

Birch in Autumn, 2002, Oil on Canvas, 34"x 30"

Japanese Maple, 2002, Oil on Canvas, 22"x 24"

Private Collection

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The Steeple, 2001, Oil on Canvas, 32"x 32"


Second Floor, 2001, Oil on Canvas, 18"x 24"


Trees in Autumn, I, 2000, Oil on Canvas, 32"x 32"        

Private Collection


Trees in Autumn, II, 2000, Oil on Canvas, 32"x 32"     

Private Collection


Trees in Autumn,III, 2001, Oil on Canvas, 30"x 32"