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The Caribbean






     Surf, V, 2006, Oil on Canvas, 14"x 26"


The Caribbean is a series of paintings stimulated by a trip that I made with my wife, to the island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands in the winter of 1998. Seven days and eight rolls of film later I had the necessary visual information that I needed for the series.


With the salt air still in my nose, the sand forever in my sneakers and the credit card bills already on the way, I started sorting through the myriad of photographs for anything that could be used as subject matter for the paintings that I was already working on in my mind. The two large figure paintings, Smuggler’s Cove and The Day Sail were from a composite of many photographs from which even more pencil studies were made. A smaller paint study was made of Smuggler’s Cove before ever stretching the canvas for the final work. The Day Sail was a much more difficult composition because larger figures were placed into a tighter space. There was a problem with overlapping elements that if not treated properly would create static areas.


The painting Fork in the Road was an acknowledgment of a scene that we would walk by each morning on our way to the beach. Photographs were taken at both mid-morning and early evening. The painting depicts mid-morning, but the evening shots were valuable because they were devoid of direct sunlight and were therefore better for the linear aspects of the composition.


The smaller painting in the series Clouds, I - IV, Surf, I - IV and Water, were from photos taken for reference purposes only. However, the more that I would thumb through them the more that I realized how beautiful they were on their own.


The three larger works were exhibited as part of a large one person show at Elizabethtown College in the fall of 1998. The smaller works along with Fork in the Road were included in a three person Exhibit at Nexus Gallery in New York City in the winter of 1999, but this is the first time since this series was completed that I have been able to show them together.


So, it is with a great deal of excitement and an overwhelming desire to get to the airport that I present to you “the Caribbean”. Enjoy.


Ski Holm     

Bogigian Gallery

Wilson College Exhibit



Nexus Gallery, 1999
Wilson College, 1999


Fork in the Road, 1999 Oil on Canvas, 48"x 40"


Smuggler's Cove, 1999, Oil on Canvas, 46"x 52"


The Day Sail, 1999, Oil on Canvas, 40"x 52"


  Hotel on the Beach, 2006, Watercolor, 5"x 11" 

Private Collection


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