Ski Holm

Works on Paper


Produce                 2000, Oil on Canvas, 24"x 22"


This series began as most series do, with a previous series. In this case it was the painting Produce (above) which was part of the series Corn. The idea came from a local grocery store and  the comical way in which they packaged their fruits and vegetables. Everything was nestled snugly in an inappropriately colored Styrofoam tray and wrapped tightly in plastic. Ahhh, fresh!

This started me looking more closely at just how our food was coming to us. For many years most supermarkets have been using an open bin type of display where you pick out your food and place it into thin plastic bags and seal them up with twist ties. One evening after the weeks shop, which inevitably becomes a half weeks shop, (why is that? Never mind!) I noticed how mysterious the fruit had become through its thin plastic veil. And, how striking even the plastic was with its alternating patterns of reflections and transparent areas.

Pictorially the challenge was, as with most works, in the amount of visual ambiguity. Like all the best mystery writing, the viewer needs enough information to be able to figure it out but not before you've had your fun with them.

I hope you have as much fun as I have had.


Ski Holm

February 12, 2009





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             Bagged Asparagus, 2007, Oil Pastel, 13 3/4"x 11"  

            Private Collection     



I Bagged an Orange, 2007, Oil Pastel, 12"x 16"

Bagged Fennel, 2007 , Oil Pastel , 16"x 12" 



A Pair of Pears in a Bag on a Plate, 2007 , Oil Pastel , 12"x 14"   


Five Dollars?, 2007 , Oil Pastel , 16"x 12"   

Yam on the Run, 2007 , Oil Pastel , 12"x 16"

Loose Turnip, 2010, Oil Pastel, 16"x 12"

Private Collection


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